Anybody here got mad skills with pf, NAT and IPv6 on ?

I have my jails on an extra loopback device (lo1) and have rules like this in my pf.conf to get traffic to them:

rdr pass on $ext_if proto tcp to port 80 -> port 80

This is what I suspect to be the cause behind the jails not being reachable over IPv6.

First of all – is that really the case?

And secondly, how do I add IPv6 support to that? being the subnet used for the jails on lo1 in case that wasn't clear.

I already tried adding the same rule with an IPv6 address, but that doesn't fix my issue:

rdr pass on $ext_if proto tcp to port 80 -> fe80:: port 80

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@phryk isn't tcp6 instead of tcp what you need? I don't have IPv6 anywhere, so I can't test it

@meka Weird. I thought the same but have no idea where I got that from because pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf gave me a syntax error with that…

@meka Mhh, no syntax error, but no working NAT either, it seems…

@meka Oh, the jails don't even get v6 addresses assigned, even tho I specified ip6.addr… >:/

@meka On second try (after finally getting nmap going on a different host where I have working IPv6), I'm seeing that v6 NAT *does* work for SSH so I'm assuming this isn't the NAT after all but rather the nginx setup…

Thought it'd do v6 by default…

@meka Wait, I'm stupid, this is the hosts ssh, got nothing to do with the jails. m)

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