I'm homeless with 0 income.

The next payment for my storage (32€ every 4 weeks), which holds the last few valuables that still haven't been taken from me, will bounce and I might lose the last bit of what I have.

Everything I make, I release for free as a matter of principle, so if you have spare cash it'd be really nice if you could help out.

I can receive money via bank transfer (DM for IBAN) or get recurring donations via patreon:

(boosts welcome)


(Sorry, could not resist)

And I now apparently have patrons who already cover half the storage rent, that's kind of more than I actually would have expected, thanks. ^^;

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Hey y'all.

There's now enough patrons to cover storage rent, so not only is my storage safe for this month but apparently even for the future.

This puts me at a bit of a loss for words – asking for help *and actually getting it* is not something that I am used to and I almost ended up not asking at all.

Even if I lack the socialization to properly express this, I am grateful for every boost, donation and nice word I've gotten – tho it'll take me a while to reconcile this with reality. 😅

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@phryk happy for ya :) and to know we can still make art and make it free and get help from those that can help <3

@olivia Indeed, but it still needs people to more or less beg publicly – a year or so ago I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even have asked and I'm sure there's more than enough people who don't.

Still, unless universal income rolls around it's likely the best we have…

@phryk yeah, i know what you mean. and in some places, i'd say (and i can say this goes for my country) being an artist is still considered "not real work". that creeps up under our skin as well.

@olivia I really dislike how most societies these days view work. I'm doing programming, design and more and it doesn't count as "real work" because I'm neither an employee nor running a business, but instead just give everything away for free.

Like, you have to do certain things and in a certain way or otherwise you don't deserve access to basic necessities all while production has never been as efficient as now…

@phryk @olivia the society somehow agreed or was forced to do it like that. It takes a critical mass of people to change it. What you are doing is not wrong, it just does not get supported by the system we live in. The premium collective agreed on not making profit, which is less radical than not taking any money. Maybe that could help you too. :anarchoheart2: :anarchistflagblack:

@Bobo_PK I think what we basically need is a new paradigm of production. As long as the production paradigm is just morally reprehensible, nothing built on top of it can be really ethical.

That's what birthed my life goal of creating open technology to automate the production of basic necessities – I want a productive commons that can feed and house people in a sustainable manner.


@phryk the idea of production and productivity is still tied to a capitalist logic of value — which means profit, in a shallow simplification, i guess, even when you're not really producing profit for yourself. 'production' without profit is pretty much considered 'hobby', something you do in your 'free time'.

funny i was just listening to david harvey comment something like this, about how marx's project for a communist society would be one in which value would be based on the creation of free time, so people could actually develop their 'full human potential'.

but this is alien to the current state of things. and i see even i have bias against myself for not being 'useful' when i'm just doing art. it's crazy.

@olivia Yeah, I see the same thing with myself and I think to a certain degree it's justified because as a society we need to be able to prioritize things in a way so that things that need to get done actually get done.

That said, even the current fetishization of "work" absolutely sucks at that, otherwise people wouldn't go hungry, homeless, denied healthcare and so much more…

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