Holy fucking shit, I've now spent about TWO FUCKING HOURS trying to get music onto and playing on a fucking phone.

This is stuff that would've been done within 10 goddamn minutes 15 years back but now isn't because modern technology is utter shit >_<

You remember those "dumb" mp3 players in the beginning of the 2000s?

Those literally represent the best humanity ever had to offer in that regard and it's fucking laughable.

@phryk YMMV but I use blackplayer for playing MPs on my android. No issues.

@der_bluthund @phryk as for myself i usevlc and got bo issues whatsoever :o what seems to be your problem ?

@der_bluthund @phryk

this. aside from its insistence on the files having correct mp3 tags before it will insert them into a playlist, blackplayer is neat.

@phryk yeah I still own one it's just perfect for the task, for me it's just not the right way to let everything be done by one device

@phryk I found my ancient Philips mp3 player. I wonder if the battery still works.

Oh wait, of course it does, it's powered by a single AA battery.

@rysiek @phryk And it probably does not need you to have the metadata of all audio files properly filled in order to play them. Unlike many audio players now a days that read only audio files with metadata on them, so you end up spending f*cking hours to make sure your music can be played in them...

@joao @rysiek @phryk check out musicbrainz picard if you need to auto-fill metadata on a lot of music

@phryk I kind of given up on downloading music personally. but I've heard good things about black player and I know that VLC and media monkey will do the trick. You might find some use your interface cringe but they will do the job

@phryk Not only remember, I'm happy to still use it to this day regularly. When it will die I don't know what I will do. I'm not gonna use my phone for this.

@rogatywieszcz Basically the perfect device for me would be the Sansa Clip+ with the possiblity to replace the battery.

8G internal storage, up to 32G through a small SD card, can play FLAC and can run rockbox and does it for like 8 hours at a *tiny* form factor.

@phryk It's also that 'local' is being killed on purpose. Local music, local files in general are increasingly seen as an 'edge' use case. The preferred way is to pay Google monthly so that you can stream low bitrate music over your crappy mobile connection that you now have to pay even more for.

Also, your favorite music might be or might not be there next week depending on how the latest round of label negotiations go.

@MatejLach @phryk @thufie also experienced this with iTunes (getting music [or audio in general] onto your iPhone is pretty hard)

A workaround that works on iOS is to use the excellent VLC app


Nextcloud for sync + VLC for playback
works nicely 4 me

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