Yesterday, the ratified mass of basically all digital personal communications.

Privacy Is Dead. Long Live Privacy. 🏴‍☠️

Guess I now have ample reason to finally finish configuring on my jail.

Gonna see if I can get the server to enforce P2P encryption and might hand out a limited number of accounts when it stands and is tested.

Bada-bing, bada-boom!

As mandatory analysis and exfiltration legislation seems likely for autumn, any / server admin acting in the EU might want to set this up.

Can't analyze and exfiltrate content if you can't read it.

@mihira Indeed, it is.

Hopefully, lefties (and normal people) can finally be motivated to move away from surveillance capitalist platforms.

My optimism in that is pretty limited, tho. :F

@phryk I don't know. Around my group of friends, which most of them work in tech, I would say maximum 15% cares about privacy, the other ones are on the "I have nothing to hide" argument. Everyone using facebook, instagram, gmail on their personal comunications... I am not very hopeful.

@mihira Ye, similar perspective here.

I don't understand how lefties can just go "Oh, surely it won't happen to me", not realize how extremely wrong they are and how that decision endangers everyone around them – by now this shit just seems like straight-up wilfull ignorance to me.

@phryk I really worry for them to be stuck on arguments pro surveillance like the 'nothing to hide' which have been worrying me for a while now. How can we make people worry about that too? And how can we make the kids/next generation worry about that?

@mihira I think this segment of John Olivers video on mass surveillance shows pretty well how we should move the discussion:

Stop being so abstract and trying to cover it in language that implies everything that falls under it. Give specific examples, the more intimate, the better.

Things like sexts, communication with your therapist and messages to your best friend about that one "OH SHIT! OH FUCK!" thing you did that you don't want *anybody* to know about.

@phryk the dicks are going to save the world! hahahah

@phryk this article made me think about our discussion, maybe people would pay attention to that?

A Facebook engineer abused access to user data to track down a woman who had left their hotel room after they fought on vacation, new book says

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