Hey, I'm currently super poor and can't even afford food or drink.

If you got money to spare for an income- and homeless hacker creating leftist software, services and propaganda, that'd be extremely appreciated.

I can currently receive donations over two channels.

1) EU bank account for one-time donations without any middlemen:

IBAN: DE10100110012627826246

2) Patreon for recurring donations:

I'm still homeless but have a good host for now, so I'm not in immediate risk of having to sleep on the street.

I'm also currently in the process of beginning a new job, but formalities have been delayed for weeks now and I haven't gotten to start work yet.

So, while there's a payday in my future, this has also been delayed while I've already stretched the little money I had almost twice as long as initially planned.


And as an added note for transparency:

Any money I still receive on Patreon after having income again will be directed to server upkeep.

The current level of Patreon income would cover 70% of the server cost that is now being sponsored by a good friend, but which I'll pay for myself and am planning to get a memory upgrade to 32G to properly account for the automated package builder once my monetary situation allows for it.

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