All external links on your site should have rel="noreferrer".

This is an easy(-ish) way you can improve your visitors .

It keeps the browser from telling the external site that your visitor is came from your site.

@hs0ucy external doesn't do anything privacy-wise AFAIK – also is this supposed to be a CSS selector?

@phryk Of course it have nothing to do with privacy :) ...

Mostly use by search engines:
> "The referenced document is not part of the same site as the current document."


@hs0ucy Yeah, but what's the use?

Like, I fail to see what practical difference this could possibly make for search engines – like, if it's about efficiently crawling sites we got domains for that…^^

@phryk It's meta data, I don't know precisely how crawlers use it ... Otherwise You can use it to explicitly specify the URLs you want to represent as external.

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