Wonder if there's a page dedicated to sound memes in the film world. Wilhelm scream is a classic. But there are a handful of canned sounds (hollywood edge I think?) that I hear over and over again, even in very serious settings:

That one Eagle Screech.

The "Diddy Laugh".

Screaming child sample.

Shocked audience.

hollywood edge, sounds of screaming 

Links to sounds used everywhere in film. everywhere. These all come from Hollywood Edge, a very popular library for sound editors in film.

Eagle screech:


Two Young Kids Giggle:


Shocked reaction from 10 people:


Small group of 10 kids shouting and cheering:


Terrified and piercing female scream:



hollywood edge, sounds of screaming 

@paul My immediate reaction to this:

hollywood edge, sounds of screaming 

@phryk *slaps roof of LOTR directors cut* this bad boy can fit so many Wilhelm screams in it.

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