I just deleted all my old non-fork repos from Microsoft because of and I would encourage every developer to do the same.

@phryk honestly, I wonder how viable it would be to introduce subtle bugs and vulnerabilities that would affect Copilot.

@rysiek I think it'd be viable, but you'd probably have to write another machine learning tool of similar complexity as copilot to make it effective.

@rysiek @phryk From what I've seen of copilot code, it already contains subtle bugs.

It's interesting, the people who are most likely to rely on copilot are also the same people who are least likely to find those bugs. Who is this thing for, really?

@loke @rysiek @phryk I think of it as a faster way to copy-paste from StackOverflow.

@rysiek @loke @phryk Like taking a random answer (not the top one) from StackOverflow, then. :D In any case, it provides no understanding or learning.

@szakib @rysiek @phryk But it's worse. It can change the code as well, yes? It can introduce bug that were not in the original

@phryk My code is that bad, I'd hope it sucks it up and choke... ;)

I migrated interesting repos to my Gitea instance over the last couple of months.

You are saying that archiving is not enough?

@RyunoKi I don't know, but as the Copilot source isn't open the only way to know for sure is someone stumbling over their own archived code through Copilot.

As I always assume companies do the most shitty thing possible, I would recommend doing everything in your power to make sure your code is properly deleted from their machines.

@RyunoKi Yeah, but I think some breakage is needed so maintainers of packaging solutions that support getting repos from github, but not just general git repo URLs see some sense and add support for it.

Why only non-fork?
If I understand correctly that puts the work of other developers at risk - even if their deleted their main repos too!
Or does Copilot only take non-fork repos? (I'm no developer at all...)

@trianderror No, you're right. This is more of a laziness thing on my side as I'm pretty sure none of the projects I have forks of on my account moved away from MSGH.

@phryk As someone who is just getting into dev can you elaborate on this a bit and recommend an alternative?

Github has ongoing deals with known human rights violator ICE, is owned by one of the most well-established enemies of FOSS and uses code from other people as basis for their proprietary code completion breakinga shitload of FOSS licenses.


@Casinoslcohol Personally, I've been hosting my own @gitea for a couple of years and like it very much – the team is also working at integrating federation features which is something I'm *extremely* excited about. :)

If you want to try out a public instance of it have a look at @codeberg

@phryk @gitea @codeberg Thank you for the information. My current use of github is mostly to find existing projects. Do these other platforms have the ability to replace github?

You'll find a lot of stuff on #GitHub, but there's also a lot of stuff you can't find on #GiveUpGitHub, because it's hosted elsewhere.
@phryk @gitea

@phryk @Casinoslcohol
+1 for for the integrated patch contribution system that uses e-mails without need to register an account.

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