A mastodon instance for librarians with dozens of custom emojos — all of which are increasingly ridiculous variations of hushing librarians.

Also, why in heck are there no librarian emojos? :thaenkin:

@phryk maybe they all belong to The Library, and if you have any, The Librarian will take it form you and say "This is property of The Library"

@Wolf480pl I doubt it, librarians are all about sharing.

Real Librarians™ curate, archive and share their emojos so that current and future generations have free access. >:3

@Wolf480pl Unless libraries get privatized. Then we're all just fucked.

@phryk @Wolf480pl Well, technically, the public library where I work is private. 😅

Also, there can be private libraries in private organizations (but I guess you where mostly thinking about public libraries there).

@arcans What country is this? Any clue whether this is normal?

@phryk To be more precise, it is a non-profit organization. This is not the norm, but not a unique case either. It is due to the way the library developped in the 80s. Back then, it was at first a voluntary association. In order to professionalize the work and to receive public foundings, it was either to be done by becoming part of the local administration, or by becoming a non-profit organization with a delegation from the local administration for the exercice of the public library services.

@arcans Sounds like they opted for more independence. Good on them. :)

@phryk Independance, not really tbh. At the time, it was mostly a case of the local administration avoiding having to pay some salaries rather a wish for freedom from the librarians.

@arcans Aw, I want librarians to be funded, not militaries :F

@phryk @arcans exactly the same happened in this region of England (Suffolk), the library was until 2012 part of the Council but they transferred the burden of costs to a non profit organisation for exactly the same reasons. They do employ paid staff and are even hiring, but the salaries are way below even those of the usual rates for this bit of England (which are to start with much lower than what would be the case for London!)

@vfrmedia @phryk Well, in our case our salaries do follow a collective agreement about the salaries in the cultural sector, so we are are level with most of the public libraries.

If I had a look at the overall wage stat of the country, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that we are absolutely not amongst the highest paid. Still, I am not complaining for myself, having a low-expense lifestyle, I am ok working only part-time. There is people in way worse places than me.

@phryk Yeah, as I am not against the militaries so I wouldn’t be so unequivocal, but there certainly is better ways to spread public foundings between different institutions.

@phryk As the people elected into local administration of that time were in to the “privatised public services”, they preferred the idea of a non-profit organization with a delegation, so that’s the way that was chosen. We have a few local foundings, we also comply with the legal criteria for public libraries, so we do receive government foundings. As such, we are de facto a public library, as defined by law, but technically speaking, we are a private organization.

@phryk One setback though is that, not being part of the local administration, the librarians aren’t public servant, hence not paid by the local administration. Which means that we have to find a way to have enough money to pay… So, with great sadness, we have loan fees (but as have a few municipal public libraries tbh) in order to balance the books…

@arcans I think as long as people can read for free at the library, it's still a valuable service.

@phryk We do what we can. If we follow our rules, technically, you have to be a member to come, and there is a small yearly fee for that;

But it would be such hasle to check everyone that we don’t do anything about people coming and reading without being member.

But we often have internal discussion about how can we improve that and cut those fees, sadly without having any answer for now…

@socrates Oh Socrates, I think I just fell in love with your beard. <3

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