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phryk✅ @phryk

How do I even social life?

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@phryk Maybe we're doing it now, better than we're widely endorsed to take credit for.

@phryk - I like Go with an interest in focus. Takes focus away from “social” as a concept. Social then just happens.

@phryk - Yeah :-/ The concept still stands. Find hobby groups around you. Non-tech if you can. Do cooking or improv or hiking or whatever. Do something you’ve never done before. And just hang with folk. As you concentrate on whatever it is you’re doing, the social part will take care of itself.

@phryk - I was going to suggest the library! My local library typically has classes or events for the public.

Try to going to something that doesn’t excite you. The activity itself isn’t the point, its gettig out and meeting people. And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy the activity that was initially not an exciting prospect.