Good fucking riddance, Twitter.

Thanks for nothing, I regret ever signing up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"illegale Lerngruppe" ist eine unglaublich dystopische Wortkombination, der ich nie erwartet hätte zu begegnen… 🤮

Huh, today these elements need to be even wider – no browser update, same resolution, same zoom level.

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caused more than 10 times the deaths of the #911 attacks in the last 28 days alone – more than 200 times in total.

"""Terrorism""" was always a bullshit justification for war.

I've been telling people I'm afraid of autonomous tankettes for over 5 years now and it looks like this was warranted – there now seem to be a whole bunch of killer robots designed in this pattern and coming with varying degrees of autonomy.

Mark my words, these things are going to change how war works – and not for the better.

Death will become exceedingly cheap – financially and psychologically.

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Stereoact feat. Kerstin Ott – Die Immer Lacht (Jason Little Bootleg)

Are Schranz raves even still a thing? Because I need one.

Jan Fleck – One Day Of Peace

🥱 Good morning fediverse, have some Schranz to wake up.

Jan Fleck – Looney Tune

Another one of those tunes the internet doesn't seem to have. Enjoy. :)

Uuuh… so anyone want to collaborate on free hardware anti-satellite missiles? :thaenkin:

Hokay, I *think* I got per-user policies with graceperiods implemented in mod_e2e_policy.

Now testing…

Test Their Logik – Fuck The System

This song seemingly isn't available to listen to anywhere online, so I just attached the whole thing as mp3 (which will probably get transcoded to mp4 by the server). :P

Oooh, I just realized that in the current version of the table, extensibility is the only thing where Matrix has a 'NO' and XMPP doesn't.

I'd say "naaaaah, that' can't be the explanation. nobody is that petty" – but then again I know this species and yes, there's people who are exactly that fucking petty. :thaenkin:

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Anyone here knowledgeable about who can help me resolve these question marks?

Huh, the point where I swore to myself I'd set up mitigation on my mailserver has arrived…

Had to put down ceiling bear so I could sleep.

RIP in peace ceiling bear. 🪦

Uuuh, my sleep in an inn was interrupted by three grizzly bears madly clipping into each other? :tinking:

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