It's happening!

* 2 Displays
* 2 DisplayPort switches
* 1 USB switch
* 5 DP cables
* 1 HDMI->DP cable
* 1 mini-DP->DP adaptor
* 1 DVI->HDMI adaptor

Also some extra memory for my poor homeserver which explodes when compiling compilers.

Hokay, I spent all night on it, but I now have a module_base(width, depth, height, num_screws) to make developing modules for the desk system easy. 😂

Okay, I think this should be sturdy enough.

Now to ponder them module mountpoints… 🤔

And now I spent all night hacking up the obligatory open source modular desk with integrated cable management to go with this setup as parameterizable model because of course I fucking did. :tinking:

All that's missing still are some rails to mechanically connect both desks as well as the drawer and 19" rack modules and the mountpoints for them.

And all the holes and pins to actually hold everything together… 😂 😭

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And since I ordered all the hardware for the new multi-monitor setup, of course I've begun designing a (yet to become) modular desk with integrated cable management. :thounking:

Me planning my new multi-monitor setup involving 2 monitors, 3 machines, 4 graphics cards, 2 displayport switches, 2 adapters and 8 cables.

Do I have enough GPU yet??

I find it funny that both cards are 10 years apart but in the same number range, with the old one even being slightly higher than the new one.

The new one (top) is an RX 6600 XT, the old one (bottom) is an HD 6850 – both cards from the Radeon series which I have chosen again for the same reason, too – AMD being more FOSS-friendly.

Tho I'll still have to wait for the Linux drivers to be ported to FreeBSD, hence I'm keeping the old card in there for now. 😅

Also, for the python server-side cookie implementation, a morsel can actually hold multiple key-value pairs… so a cookie can hold multiple morsels which can hold… multiple cookies?

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Aaand, I have the basic logic for renderable objects implemented in .

I guess that's the first feature that's specific to that's now ported over.

Still a bunch of stuff that flask did for me that I still need to implement tho – mostly cookies, sessions and form data.

New framework now has variable route parts and input sanitation. 👌

Aaand I got tree-based routing going.

No parameter parsing yet, but the basic structure stands and tree-based routing is a thing I've wanted forever.

Hey, whaddaya know, this laptop can apparently cope with the boids prototype and recordmydesktop running at the same time… :thinkhappy:

//cc @JanaMarie

I also implemented a "goal" force.

You can pick a node in the editor and the boid will try to move thereabouts.

And if you pick the Player node as goal, the boidfish will follow and orbit you. :3

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So, I implemented alignment and fixed separation for my boids.

Works pretty well. I haven't made any provisions in the code for realistic flight tho, and it was kinda striking how much the behavior looked like fish without this.

So, I couldn't resist and *had* to build a fish trap to see if it works – and it does!

boids! They actually woik!

I haven't implemented direction aligning yet, but I have noticed two things:

1) No alignment is a great way to get behavior that looks like a piranha swarm in a feeding frenzy once a critical mass of boids is in a group.

2) Spontaneous order can still emerge as demonstrated by the smaller group which settled into a slowly rotating equilateral triangle.

//cc @JanaMarie

The story behind in the color spec still fucks me up and I think it's a part of web culture more people should know.

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