Hab 'ne Recruiting-Anfrage gekriegt.

Ein Unternehmen.

"Microsoft .NET und der Microsoft SQL Server, mit C#/VB.NET und T-SQL, sind bei uns die führenden Technologien."

top lel. 😂

I finally have to implement server-side sessions for .

Pondering file-based symmetrically encrypted session storage with key stored client-side in a cookie to avoid exposing session data in case of a raid… does that sound reasonable?

Okay, so the website of 's ~official package manager…

- Hosted a backdoored release for half a year
- Went mostly offline with just a note informing users about the compromised release for about a day
– Now just goes to the roundcube install of some random php dev…!?

This kind of incompetence just boggles the mind – WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING!?

No wonder people constantly pick on – it's ~all deserved and it never stops being an utter shitshow… 🤦‍♂️

(i guess)

Given an arbitrary (but known) validity period for a client certificate, how do I figure out good times to send notifications to the certificate owner about impending expiry?


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