New cause a lot changed:

I'm an hacker and propagandist, my life goal is
bootstrapping socialist production.

Not homeless anymore since Aug 2021. :)

Got a part-time, part- job and joined the .

Too many projects. The latest are for and a secure service for lefties.

Also got a webthing with , a graphical realtime
sysmon and sometimes dabble with .

Postgender and abuse survivor with mh issues – I might talk about that.

Can browsers please just implement :target-within so I can start making way cooler sites?

Been waiting for this feature to finally drop for years now… :F

data editors UI is getting closer to what I want – now with fancy tabs!

Extra swaggy: the tabs also function as radiobuttons so the editor can always show whatever tabs were selected when the editor form was submitted.

Good progress on making SVG plots responsive. But there still is a rendering order issue with the layer descriptions, so now I'm gonna <def> the shit out of this and potentially enable poobrains plots to become even more versatile in the future. :3

Also, I should try to create a class-decorator for rate-limiting for at some point, because quite a bit of the stuff it does, especially with the data visualization and whatnot, can get quite resource-intensive and I don't want a simple wget in a loop to be able to DoS a poobrains instance running on small hardware… :F

on today:

reloading config on SIGUSR1 works now and actually kills the old collector processes

smoooth unicode animation in the terminal while waiting for collectors to die when quitting (this is obviously the more important one)

PS: If you're a person like me, check out which records terminal sessions into (non-js) animated 's

Thing I want: a FOSS browser with an engine written from scratch with good support for HTML5 semantic elements, CSS3 and SVG.

As some of you might have noticed, I'm developing a paranoid webframework called .

I'm now at a point where I should finally decide on a to slap onto it.

Any recommendations?

I know I don't want AGPL because that would force everyone building a site with it to publish their sites code…

On the other hand I care about software freedoms and probably don't just want to use a BSD license…

I'm currently gravitating towards GPL, but I'd like to get some opinions…

plots getting pretty neat.

Grid works, automatically generated palette is used for datasets. Axes are pretty verbosely labelled.

But I'm mostly proud of the interactiveness.

Of course it's a bit limited due to my approach but it reacts to :hover as well as :target.

The latter meaning you can reference specific datasets or even datapoints by URL.

It should™ also make it work with touch (tho I'm uncertain how good SVG is supported on mobile).


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