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Okay, everybody please stop boosting and sending money.

I have enough to last the next couple weeks. :)

If you were going to boost or send me money, please seek out another marginalized person on or and help them.

And if you already boosted my original post, please feel encouraged to boost this one too so surplus resources get distributed more equitably.

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I'll be cooking shortly and am currently thinking on what to do after eating.

I could continue writing the texts for the website of the service I'm building, but I think I'll finally look into the code of mod_e2e_policy and try fixing that bug where system messages about lack of E2EE to users seem to get blocked by their lack of E2EE when the policy is set to "required"…

Only a couple more minutes until the XMPP Office Hour presentation "Building a Chat Bot on Ad Hoc Commands" starts.

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Join us on Tuesday at XMPP Office Hours 📢 for "Building a Chat Bot on Ad Hoc Commands" by Christopher Vollick at 16:00 UTC (Tue, 27th of July '21)

Join here:

You also would like to give a talk?

#xmpp #jabber #chatbot #adhoc #decentralization #federated #interoperability

Whoop, a 20€ IBAN donation just arrived – I can get food and drink and actually fuel my brain for a couple days with this. \o/

Woke up with a headhache, almost nothing to drink left and no food…

Guess I'll escape to the magical realm of Morrowind and get started on a various assortment of van helsing hatecrimes to distract myself…

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Hey, I'm currently super poor and can't even afford food or drink.

If you got money to spare for an income- and homeless hacker creating leftist software, services and propaganda, that'd be extremely appreciated.

I can currently receive donations over two channels.

1) EU bank account for one-time donations without any middlemen:

IBAN: DE10100110012627826246

2) Patreon for recurring donations:

progress report; currently writing a bunch of texts

~/d/w/chat $ wc -w *
2456 total

> 1078
And I haven't even written a single word about decentralization yet… :F

Okay, since their IRC wasn't exactly helpful:

Did any of you heads ever use to register at and use a Matrix service?

And did any of you set up S2S through TOR on a Matrix server and/or Matrix as a TOR hidden service?

How well did that play out?

Oooh, I just realized that in the current version of the table, extensibility is the only thing where Matrix has a 'NO' and XMPP doesn't.

I'd say "naaaaah, that' can't be the explanation. nobody is that petty" – but then again I know this species and yes, there's people who are exactly that fucking petty. :thaenkin:

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If that's representative of their community, I absolutely don't regret picking XMPP over Matrix.

I mean this initially happened for technical reasons, but now I'm not even sure I'd want to use Matrix even if it was technically the better solution…

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Jeebus. Went to the matrix channel on liberachat to verify the stuff in my table about secure messaging systems and people were instantly butthurt.

Apparently XMPP doesn't have a spec because the spec defines an extension mechanism.
[XMPP has an actual RFC at IETF – Matrix doesn't.]

Also Matrix is just as extensible as XMPP because you can build an implementation that isn't standards-compliant.
[Matrix doesn't have an extension mechanism, every change to the protocol necessitates a new spec.]

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The Jimquisition – Activision Blizzard And Industry Abuse: Burn It All Down

"Developers won't be free until they seize the means of development."


Cut out people like Bobby Kotick from the video game space and never let them return. 🗡️

Looking for native desktop clients for the fediverse with good support for multi-accounting – recommendations?

Anyone here knowledgeable about who can help me resolve these question marks?

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