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Please connect with me at my @jc account, which I'm actively using.

I walked past this cemetery and noticed their sign. I hadn't realized what a problem vigilante shrub planters can be.

I started reading the only kid's novel I've written, to my just turned-8-year-old son. I never finished editing it (like my others) though it's probably older than the kid. I figured it was past time to get some feedback. So far it's primed good questions, laughs, more enjoyment than I expected. The sticking point was the in medias res beginning—he really disliked that abrupt start. I wonder if most kids would feel that way? Maybe too unsettling when you're young not to get some background.

Launched the new web site. The former one went up in 2011 so it seemed like it was past time for an update. #BoardGames are available!

dog vs. focus 

This creature neither understands nor cares that I'm finishing up some research leave. Lunch is over, back to work. #dogsofmastodon

Just outside of the city today, in an area that was mostly warehouses and industrial buildings... but then .

Always sounds a bit pointless to me, when I say I love walking--most of us walk. But a lot of times people just walk for function, missing the pleasure in it. I love reading essays, etc. on walking too. This article had a mention of an "audio-walk" by Janet Cardiff, which I feel I need to try now.

The worst thing is when you pull back the peel of a banana to reveal a waterlogged, bloated face. Actually if the whole bunch is that way and you recognize some of the faces, it's worse. If not the worst, it's high on my list.

Please connect with me at my @jc account, which I'm actively using.

I can’t resist news about the Voynich Manuscript - A computer science researcher at the University of Alberta has tried a new approach using AI to help decipher the manuscript. It seems the manuscript may be using Hebrew plus various techniques to complicate a simple translation.

Do we perceive aspects in music as having similar meaning or use--no matter its origin/cultural background? Good discussion (cognitive scientists and ethnomusicologists) on this cross-cultural study.

EU committees favour limiting freedom of expression & curtailing information access via a ? – worrisome

Can we predict new meaning based on a millenium of metaphors? This fascinating study considers how they emerge and it finds some directionality.

An article in The Atlantic discusses how tech companies have ethics problems due to profit motive inherent in being a commpany – But don't co-ops solve this? their principles support the well-being of their community.

Techniques & rigour in thinking as well as a more interconnected approach toward understanding humanity remains necessary in high-tech. Nice read I like this sentiment from the article "We should be careful not to let interdisciplinary jockeying make us cling to what we know best."


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