gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

wow this blew up. hey while your hear why not check out the website soundcloud. its a cool place wherer you can post songs and stuff

@picklemaddierix double the bathrooms holy shit. And now we have even more genders and they’re not even capitalizing on that shit. Weeeeeeeeeaaaaaaak

@picklemaddierix can we call the lobby together this afternoon, you think? We should move on this soon if we’re going to recoup any losses

At "Bathrooms Inc.":
«Our sell trends are dropping...»

@picklemaddierix They had to make up all the sales they lost due to the end of segregation somehow.

@picklemaddierix i am cracking up rn at the idea of "bathroom companies" that are into promoting the idea of like, pooping in a room. but we do have plumbing fixture companies which are like... related?

@picklemaddierix ugh ofc Big Bathroom is involved in peddling that bs

Typical Big Bathroom trying to hold the people back

@picklemaddierix Clever, but no. The scam was around long before then, believe me.

@picklemaddierix I was born in 1949 so yes, I can assure you that I was personally oppressed by this concept as early as 1954. However, one need only look at the Old Testament or classical Greek literature to see that the false notions of binary gender are much older.

@picklemaddierix Read about the blind philosopher/prophet Teresias, for instance, and compare that to the rather more fluid gender ideas of some native American cultures. 😉

@picklemaddierix This almost makes sense... But if there is some evidence for this I'd love to see it.

@picklemaddierix omg this thread is great. Also can we just get a list of bathroom supply companies phone numbers posted in here so we all call them and tell them we have a great idea to *increase their profits 10 fold* just support *all genders* = infinite money for the bathroom industry.

@picklemaddierix Can confirm, they tried to push gender on me, but I'm not having any.

In what country houses is built with different bathrooms for men and women ???

@picklemaddierix in that case I bet the trashcan and feminine hygiene products dispenser companies are upset they can only barter their products for half the stalls? ;)

@picklemaddierix we stan a queen who gets her legendary joke stolen by a milquetoast cracker liberal on twitter dot com

@picklemaddierix it's funny how this almost sounds entirely feasible and true

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