Had an awesome second day walking around possibly my favourite European city with @rawr_rr@twitter.com. I'd live here if a 70sqm 2 bed apartment wasn't €300k @ Cascada Del Parque De La Ciudadela instagram.com/p/B2XX8Dhnyd8/?i

I've worked in technical/computer areas all my life, and I really wish there were more women in my field. As my peers.

Companies like this are not helping at all.
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If you want to remind yourself how job ads can be brutally sexist and CEOs that are ok with it, you can hop over to my linkedin.

Hey Fediverse, I am new to @pixelfed and I did a copypaste-error in the description of this picture:
Someone has an idea, how to change it? When I click on "edit" I can only change the picture itself, e.g. put filters (color, nsfw etc) but not the description?

Urgh. Just... urgh.

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What ministers said about prorogation before they put their own careers before the interests of the country

1) @NickyMorgan01@twitter.com, culture sec: 'It would lead to a constitutional crisis.'

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Just used @monzo@twitter.com to switch to @octopus_energy@twitter.com. It could not have been easier, or more simple.

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£2.1 billion that could have been spent on:

🔹420k hip ops
🔹45k nurses
🔹28k doctors
🔹2100 CT scanners
🔹6 entire NHS hospitals

What an obscene waste of taxpayers' money. The lives that could have been saved 😔


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It’s simple, folks. I want a 95% discount on Dreamies - but if they won’t give me one, I’ll stop eating them on October 31st. Which is a shame, because I really enjoy them. Why am I stopping eating Dreamies again? twitter.com/conservatives/stat

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mastodon.social is dying. Quick throw more AWS at it!

I've not seen the local timeline this busy since Mastodon first appeared😂

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Labour win in Peterborough!

Who is @BBCr4today@twitter.com interviewing right now? The winner?

No... they have Nigel Farage on.

This is *the* top radio spot. I’ve had enough of the BBC. They promote him when he wins. They promote him when he loses.

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I'm seeing the first full @monzo@twitter.com activity today - as 29 direct debit notifications came through in about 10 seconds.

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Firefox now blocking tracker cookies by default ❤️. We must come to terms with the fact that Chrome is institutionally incapable of protecting users from surveillance capitalism, and make our browser choice accordingly. blog.mozilla.org/blog/2019/06/

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Just went @monzo@twitter.com. I'm pretty sure I don't have to be but I'm really nervous about it!

Is there something I'm missing with @monzo@twitter.com ? I see people on the forums with all these awesome available features and all I have is "merge payees" and that doesn't work.

I've just entered a giveaway to win a CoolerMasterUK SK630 Keyboard thanks to @CoolerMasterUK@twitter.com and @ZEROxFUSIONZ@twitter.com bit.ly/2wfXNqV

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