Hey @CORSAIR@twitter.com, any way to make the drive cage in a 5000D more isolating? The drive that I've got in there right now has the whole case humming louder than the 7 fans that are in it.

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As a...
– mechanical keyboard user
I want to...
– type louder
so that...
– people know I have a mechanical keyboard

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"who wrote this bullshit"

*right click -> show annotations*

"oh, me"

Carry on, nothing to see here.

Hey @StarlingBank@twitter.com, any news on the Kite app? We're thinking of moving from gohenry but the child's ability to manage their own pot (and make additional savings ones) is going to be hard to lose.

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My sponsor @Razer@twitter.com has handed me a Razer Kiyo Pro to give out to one of you lot. Same rules as always:

1. Follow me
2. Retweet this post

I'll pick somebody at random next week, good luck! 💚

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17 in, 35 out, 28 seconds. Balanced and delicious. New bag, first pull - I should buy a lottery ticket.


Just installed my @taihaokeycaps@twitter.com Shakura Michi on my @KeychronMK@twitter.com K6.


Shame one of the caps was damaged during transit, hopefully can be sorted soon.

Hey @IKEAUKSupport@twitter.com does this look a bit... melty to you? Should I be worried?

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more cows here for all the people who don't seem to know much about cows

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Road Haulage Association releases figures for January, showing volume of Trade is down by 68%.

Chief of British Ports Association says figure sounds “broadly in line” with his experience.

Government reply: “We don’t recognise these figures at all.” ~AA


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As a...
– registering user
I want to...
– have each password requirement slowly revealed, ideally upon each relevant invalid attempt
so that...
– the registration form doesn’t appear cluttered with convoluted password requirements

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