Is it usual for people to only know one programming language (if we exclude those who know zero)?

@piecritic i think it's normal for new devs, but for anyone that's been around a while (more than 5 years?) i would say it's pretty rare to just know one.

@piecritic I know a lot of people who would say they only know one language even though they can probably use a few more without much effort

@piecritic i would be surprised.
Sure whatever you are making in regularly might just be one language, but a working knowledge of cli languages makes the work go smoother.
So add at least one for every environment they touch regularly

@tqft I'm reading people in a select community claiming a lot of gaps of knowledge, one of which was cli tooling, so I'm becoming dubious.

@piecritic For various definitions of "know", but it's not hard to imagine lots of people who spent most of their career in a Java, for example. You may never interact with them because bubbles.

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