I have now published 0.7.0 of the Cucumber test runner crate cucumber_rust!

Highlights include:

- runtime-agnostic asynchronous test support
- a new builder instead of a macro

Check it out, and please be gentle. :)


Lol Sweden. Bus stop all fogged up, someone wrote "shqipe 4-life”. Albanian. Love the strangeness.

That thing where you accidentally write the barebones of a Gtk Git UI in Rust in less than 2 hours...


Also this is developed and running on macOS, which I didn't expect to work so easily.

So I commissioned a pixel bod of my partner to be made by @ramskulls - and it came out absolutely amazing.

She was very happy with her gift. :) mastodon.social/media/pcQSU7tu

Got my Swedish visa.

Now to play the kafkaesque game of getting a job so I can get a person number so I can get a bank account with internet banking... Fuu.

If anybody knows of short-term work for a skilled developer anywhere in Sweden, have them ping me please. :)


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