Lol Sweden. Bus stop all fogged up, someone wrote "shqipe 4-life”. Albanian. Love the strangeness.

That thing where you accidentally write the barebones of a Gtk Git UI in Rust in less than 2 hours...

Also this is developed and running on macOS, which I didn't expect to work so easily.

So I commissioned a pixel bod of my partner to be made by @ramskulls - and it came out absolutely amazing.

She was very happy with her gift. :)

Got my Swedish visa.

Now to play the kafkaesque game of getting a job so I can get a person number so I can get a bank account with internet banking... Fuu.

If anybody knows of short-term work for a skilled developer anywhere in Sweden, have them ping me please. :)

In Windows 10, go to "Region & Language" in the system settings. Click "Add a language". Type "und". Click "Undetermined".

Now on the und language, click Options. Congratulations, you crashed the system settings.

Two days into the ahhh fuck. And all I'm trying to do is generate an MSI that works coherently, but I have no source for a major dependency lol.

The hosting app for the Sami keyboards is largely complete.

Text will be localised into English and Norwegian plus several minority languages including Northern Sami when it's released.

Custom localisation tooling lets us support language the operating system doesn't. 😄

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