The Germans are being nice to me on Legends of Aria. What does this mean?

@ben @revenant a butt doesn't preclude the existence of more butts! It's a ruse

photos of people w/ec, marketing email 

A true democracy has to start with the democratic allocation of resources in a way that benefits majority of the citizens. However, capitalism is designed to accumulate resources under the capitalist class. Fundamentally, this system optimizes resource usage towards personal whims of the capitalists as opposed to the needs of the society at large. Capitalism inevitably creates an oligarchy of the rich who run the country for their own personal benefit.

This is the root problem of capitalism. The system is inherently set up so that a tiny percentage of rich humans get to make decisions regarding what happens to the other 7.7 billion people without any democratic process. This is currently driving us to extinction.

Saw a sarcastic remark asking why the "white male" community doesn't do something to prevent the radicalisation of its members.

It struck me just how American the concept of whiteness really is, how ingrained as a social class it is, and how it's basically an antithesis to community, as it necessitates othering groups over and over to feel "safe" and "strong".

This is quite a difficult topic because of the concept of a "white" identity being so bizarre. It's so colonial and subjective.

My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is:

I don't think I've used a hashtag in a year or more, on this platform or Twitter.

@juliobiason I will say I'm not convinced by the lisp model but i could see you would enjoy it :blobcat: rust is my happy place

@juliobiason have you seen Clojure? It seems to start at concrete and work back

I need to be banned from low level coding, but yet I can't be stopped.

Huh, so fosstodon is where all the tech bros went. Makes that easy to ignore.

@drwho I'm a little wowed that cloudflare doesn't do basic things like phased rollouts. And that they'd never seen a CPU grind like that before. Used to be almost standard practice to have an alternate ssh port running in real-time priority so you could get in when a box did that to collect debugging info. I actually ported a utility from bsd for that at an admin's request at one point. Guess my idea of standard competence needs a cynical adjustment.

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