why don't any of them read my bio, it even says I'm not in Australia lol

Nearly gave myself a stroke using Twitter just then. I am not confident in the new generation of Australian political pundit.

An old man got mad at me for talking at a jazz thing. This is amazing

Achievement unlocked: I had my Australian driver's license suspended without being present in the country for over a year for a fine apparently accrued during this year...

@sphrak it'll only affect users outside of Sweden so not a massive deal for now haha

@sphrak no location has been selected yet. Clear all data and permissions, when it asks for location permissions i tap yes, then get the 400 error in a today :)

@sphrak well from this plane in Germany i get a 400 error if it uses GPS haha, might want to catch that one and just default to Stockholm.

@sphrak it says not available in my country. Strange. Did you enable it only for the Swedish store?

thank fuck I leave Rome tomorrow, I hate it here.

@saba I very much failed at sarcasm today lol. It is basically how hotels punish you for staying with them, it's worse than a small interest rate over time because it genuinely blocks purchasing power.

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