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i guess this is the downside to having one of those super expensive super villain garages we all wanted when we were kids

My home internet is down. I thought this was Sweden, not Australia.

"if things are so fucked, why is nobody talking about this?"

consumers love a good monopoly. press usually follows consumers. creators would rather not speak up, in fear of retaliation. the hostage situation has gone on for a decade. make your own conclusions.

re competition:

everybody knows that Tencent bought 48.4% of of Epic for $330M in 2013:

did you also know Tencent participated in two of Discord's funding rounds? Series B in 2015, then again in a $20M round in January 2016

Your daily reminder that surveillance capitalism touches everything.

The generated book has Google tracking because the Rust mdbook tool comes with Google surveillance by default.

Weigh in on this issues if you care about changing that:

why don't any of them read my bio, it even says I'm not in Australia lol

Nearly gave myself a stroke using Twitter just then. I am not confident in the new generation of Australian political pundit.

Mastodon is like jazz 

An old man got mad at me for talking at a jazz thing. This is amazing

Achievement unlocked: I had my Australian driver's license suspended without being present in the country for over a year for a fine apparently accrued during this year...

thank fuck I leave Rome tomorrow, I hate it here.

I think this is supposed to be transphobic but it's really just radical

Come to think of it, there's really not a Black Friday sale for finding a place to live, is there?

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