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Ah, people are having bad opinions about software freedom again.

Software is a system, systems can do evil, it is the role of the engineer to ensure the health of the system and consider the larger societal effects the system has.

Basically, it's being a responsible adult who gives a fuck about their society and doesn't want their labour abused by those who would like to harm their society.

And visual barriers do work. Deplatforming works.

On brand, I suppose

<<In the kids’ climate lawsuit that is slowly progressing, the US Department of Justice argues that there is “no right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life”

So that’s reassuring. >>

News story from 4 June:

Out of the blue, I thought another presentation I can make for people starting UNI:

"Things I Learnt the Hard Way in 30 Years of Software Development"

I am sorry to report that F# seems to be a rubbish language. The order functions are declared is important... so you can't recurse with a function declared after the one you're writing.

So if they call each other, you're totally fucked now.

y tho

Europeans waking up every day screaming how they love typing / with Shift + 7

Who could have known that Chrome OS is a locked down, tepid, nonsense piece of shit?

ICANN granted the domain '.amazon' today, rather than the entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin.

Acts like this are colonial, obviously, but also a slap in the face to early internet promises of global representation + shared power. Its really sad.

#GAFAM #GAFA #amazon

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As Google denies Huawei access to the proprietary components of the Android mobile operating system, we have to ask a fundamental question: how dependent does the world want to make itself on proprietary software.

vacation approaches! I look forward to talking to no-one for a month

Hippie Nightmare 

(from youtube comments)

CEO: let's advertise something new.

Microsoft: but we don't have anything new. Moreover, windows phone OS has been terminated.

CEO: Have you tried the command prompt?

I lived in Korea and never once heard about the Korean People’s Association in Manchuria, an autonomous anarchist zone of 2 million people that only disintegrated because they were consistently attacked by China from the North and Japan from the South. This was in 1929. Moneyless, classless, stateless, gift economy based on mutual aid. It was all there.
Further reading at Wikipedia (and their sources!):

The community wouldn't need to make salient points about moderation of Mastodon if the primary and only custodian of the project didn't contribute the code disabling it to a vanity fork for a corporation.

"The IIGS clock speed was intentionally limited below the maximum for the 65C816 so the system would not outperform the Macintosh."

Guess Apple has a long history of crippling its products.

If you buy a used car, you might want to think about your exposure.

People should quit. And I don’t mean it as you should run away from a battle, but companies consist of people. When people leave then the company suffers. If your company is bad to you, leave. If your company is bad to others, leave. Life is too short to support something not out for the world’s best interests. People who don’t leave these places and stay for the money are part of the problem. You don’t get to play the victim when you know what you signed up for.

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