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Gonna learn you a thing, because KNOWLEDGE:

a BOG is a wetland that's acidic

a FEN is a wetland that's alkaline

a SWAMP is a wetland that's vegetation consists of trees or other woody plants

a MARSH is a wetland with other forms of vegetation.

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Computer science programs are getting more populair in the Netherlands, so we need some form of selection (this did not exist up to now for CS, everyone with high school degree with math could get in) But how? Selection is likely to make diversity lower (column in Dutch) twitter.com/de_ingenieur/statu

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hello yes i have learnt what swans would look like if they were depicted "under-feathered" like we do dinosaurs, based on fossils. sweet dreams everyone

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I think she's fucking great. Well-written character, fantastic performance, awesome payoff. twitter.com/djmmarquis/status/

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Important thread.

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Anyway: Here's my fan theory on why the lightspeed battering ram maneuver is not a common tactic in the Star Wars universe even though it works in The Last Jedi...

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Today I learned about the Clear-Site-Data header, which allows you to tell the browser to clear data like like cache, cookies, storage etc. Nice!


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πŸ’―Another example. Use async/await instead of promises everywhere! Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Choose wisely.

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Why are people always looking for blanket rules, like "use ems EVERYWHERE" (c. 2006) or "use rems EVERYWHERE" (c. 2016)? Is it so hard to exercise critical thinking and use the unit that corresponds to what you need the length to be relative to?!


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This popup was found on the @docker@twitter.com blog. Seriously some class A slimy bullshit as far as it comes to respecting people’s right to privacy and the law of GDPR.

4) I’m pretty sure the half a dozen requests it makes while β€œprocessing” are BS too.

3) So, disallowing tracking takes navigating some bad UI, then 30+ seconds of fake β€œprocessing”. Just accepting everything? Instant. One big friendly green button.

2) And this kills me. Selecting Required Cookies and submitting you get a processing screen with β€œthis might take a few minutes”. Inspecting the network and the javascript you find that requests happen quite quickly. BUT there’s a 10 second `setTimeout` between requests!

1) You can’t just click β€œRequired Cookies”. You have to click and drag the slider to your preference. Actually, accessibility is quite good so tabbing to the slider and hitting up seems easier than trying to interact with the mouse.

The trustarc cookie preferences popup is designed to make turning off cookies and tracking as painful as possible, and accepting them as easy as possible.

RT @WebPlatformNews@twitter.com: Third-party JavaScript size grew by a factor of 8, from 32 KB to 258 KB, in the last 7 years.

β€œThe growth of JavaScript has outpaced network and CPU improvements on today’s devices.” twitter.com/Souders/status/107

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RT @DavidKPiano@twitter.com: πŸŽ„ All I want for Christmas is

βšͺ you
βšͺ money
βšͺ socks
πŸ”˜ all tests passing, 0 errors found

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This is super cool: Using the finite state machine concept to help design and build UI interfaces. From @DavidKPiano@twitter.com 24ways.org/2018/state-machines

I think the only thing I’m missing from Chrome after switching to @firefox@twitter.com is Profiles. I’ve been trying FF Containers, but I liked having separate windows for each purpose.

I’m the level of sick where I keep my dressing gown on a hook by the front door so I can put it on over my clothes as soon as I’m out of public view.

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I can't believe that's true πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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