Oh nice turning off boosts on the home TL is highly recommended

unfollow or block me if you have hyperventilated online in the last 6 months for any reason other than the death of a personal friend or family member. Pets only count if they were mammals.

Me 2 months ago: Wow this is the frenetic and innocent atmosphere I miss from online
Me today: You are all idiots and should log off forever. even if you were handed a utopian paradise you would immediately consume it and each other, do not touch me

I finally stopped puking early this morning and now I'm feeling fine
ive also achieved my personal peak spectrum with these headphones, elementary school tee, and vomit can visible in background

if you find yourself enjoying posts maloney, slap yourself in the face and listen to classic ghostface instead

shouts out to @dubsteppenwolf@bofa.lol for the best Halloween display name in a long line of unimpeachable ones

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