rewatch confirms Everything Everywhere All At Once is the best movie... this year? decade? ever?

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been trying to come up with words, and as usual the people paid to come up with words professionally say it much better

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A website to fight planned obsolescence: Reviews about broken or worn-out products to identify common stress points and how to fix them.

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Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

a great day to start a plumbing project on a whim (it is never a great day to start a plumbing project, especially on a whim)

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#RightToRepair will become an absolute necessity in the near future. Having all the supply chain completely fucked up and prices all over increasing like never before, people will need to learn how to do stuff themselves instead of pulling a credit card.

this Memphis - Minnesota NBA playoff series has been incredibly entertaining. Two young teams figuring out how to win, total chaos. Morant and Edwards are going to be stars for a long time

gotta love a requirements change on a Friday afternoon... sounds like a Monday problem

alright, followed some more accts from this list (, will try to participate and make this thing stick

guess I need to do an

I'm Craig. I do software QA in Indianapolis. I was big into indieweb for a while, and this mass Mastodon migration 🤪 has me considering setting up my own as well, to try to get my much-less online family into the fediverse.

As penance for not using this account for so long, I offer this picture of our puppy Willow


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