#whonix is some great piece of software, but their politics just sucks.

Promoting and educating facists about preserving privacy and anonymity, is not exactly something you should do.

(#gab is a social network known for hosting facists and for radicalizing people towards facism)

@micahflee since you're on the frontpage of the whonix website, could you please request them to stop supporting gab?

@syster @micahflee

... and if they are _actually_ in the business of "privacy and anonymity" you missed to see the elephant in that room:

Remove Facebook and Twitter there.

That's even more important, since they'd counteract that mission by 180 degrees.

No. You reach people where they are.
I have disagreements with using fb and so on for that, but it's not the same as explicitly marketizing whonix to facists.
Thought the later has changed, at least on the surface.



With fb you promote centralizing all global communication (from completely private to completely public) into one US company; with all it's implications, like steering "trends" up to complete censorship, ...

It's just the much lower hanging fruit. Also because fb is so accepted everywhere. But the larger problem is fb, and not a handful of facists (if they are the problem, make people resistant, e.g. better education, ..., instead of hiding them).

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