"We – the GenXers – think of the internet as the open web. The land of dialup telnet Unix systems, the days of table layout, the days of dot com, the days of early tech startups, the days of the internet as a connector, the days of the internet as a business opportunity, the days of the internet as a path to social justice and revolutions, the days of the internet as a light in the darkness. That’s all we have ever known..."




> "Why Generation X will save the web"

Well, if there will be a generation saving the web, it MUST be Generation X.


The older ones are already gone.

And the younger ones are all way too stupid to actually understand the things (also from not purely technical perspective).

So, what other generation should save the web?

(saying that as one of those 'younger ones', though - I'm NOT advocating my generation here)

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