The days when no one you actually knew in real life had an "online presence".

I think I kinda miss the days when you couldn't just go to Facebook and have the Id of all your relatives and friends barfed onto your screen.

If you're planning on not voting because the current Democrats don't lean far enough to the left, remember: the Overton Window moves in small increments, not all at once. Do you think Republicans over the past few decades sat out because their candidates weren't far enough to the right? And look where they are now.

That was it! On previous loafs I'd just been kneading the dough in the mixing bowl for a couple of minutes. This time, after mixing it well, I pulled it out of the bowl and kneaded it on the counter for a full 10 minutes. Crumb turned out much more open, soft, and spongey.

There may be another loaf of bread in my future this afternoon. After more research, I think I haven't been kneading the dough enough. The crumb's been a bit dense and gummy each time. Hoping more kneading will improve the results.

On Facebook, I stopped and watched a couple of videos about dogs - I didn't click on them, or interact with them in any way, I just stopped scrolling and watched them auto-play. Now I'm getting a ton of similar videos in my Facebook feed. I guess there are worse things it could be showing me.

Free donut and free coffee. Today is off to a promising start.

Inktober number 20: Breakable (but unbroken so far (though tonight was a close call)).

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