I so miss the days when Apple products used to "just work".

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@jwisser Apple TV decided it doesn't want to see the iTunes library on our computer anymore. To be fair, we did just get a new modem router thingy from the phone company a few weeks ago, so I guess it's possible it's some kind of network thing. (Although everything else seems to work fine)

@piraino Bluhhhhh. And you're 100% sure iTunes is currently running on that machine?

(I ask only because I spent 10 minutes restarting and cursing at my Apple TV last week before realizing my Windows machine had restarted and I hadn't launched iTunes yet. >.<)

@jwisser It's a valid question, but yeah. It was running. Quit out and relaunched. Stopped and started home sharing. Unplugged and replugged the Apple TV. Tried home sharing from a different laptop. Nothing.

@jwisser It's all fixed now. In an unrelated matter, my son accidentally factory reset the modem while trying to get our unresponsive printer reconnected to the network. After it rebooted and he set the network up again from scratch, everything just works peachy now.

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