Happy Sunday! Time to catch up on some freelance work. What's one thing you hope to accomplish today?

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@piraino god i want to get some fucking work done on my book but i have so much to do

@piraino Wrap up the D&D campaign arc we've been playing through! The players have their chance to end the reign of terror of an ancient hag… assuming they survive.

@piraino I expect they should, unless the dice go very much against them. 🤔

@piraino Armazed the green knight got knocked unconscious no fewer than three times, but they pulled through—with a timely Scorching Ray assist from Imsan the wild sorcerer, who spent the first three rounds of the battle fighting off a Hold Person spell.

::flops:: That's the first full arc I've ever actually been able to complete with a group of players. It was incredibly satisfying and I am immensely drained. 😂

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