Knowing a lot of creators, I've been thinking about Patreon's unsustainability and how something might be created as a social purpose corporation to compete with it, focused on the creator/supporter experience and on the open web. Might see what can done to prototype something like this.

@stevestreza Have you written up your thoughts about its unsustainability anywhere? We just started up a Patreon for the Iconfactory, so I’d be interested in what you think the issues are!

@piraino I haven't but many others have. Patreon wants to focus on the mega huge YouTubers and Instagram accounts with 10 million subscribers that bring in thousands of accounts. They're VC funded and so despite having strong revenue, their CEO comes out and talks about needing new business models and new products.

Meanwhile, they have a platform full of long-tail creators making hundreds or thousands of dollars per month that simply go unserved. Creators (of which I know many) have been asking for features that Patreon hasn't added. It took them years to add mobile apps; they still don't have RSS feeds.

In my eyes, they're focused on Growth Growth Growth Growth and that cannot sustain itself.

@stevestreza That's a shame. Seems to be the way of everything now - someone comes up with a service everyone loves, and as soon as it starts getting big, they completely change what everyone loved about it.

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