Made some cornbread in my cast iron skillet last night... turned out GOOD. Used a recipe I'd cooked in a baking pan before, and just poured the batter into the preheated skillet instead. Bottom turned out nice and crispy.

@jwisser They shoulda flipped the logo mark horizontally, so the wheel was first. Don't want anyone confusing them with Horse Wheel!

@jwisser @stevestreza I kind of feel like people might be more likely to do a small transaction to subscribe to a specific columnist, or maybe a specific subject. Sure, many people might pay an occasional 99 cents for an individual article. But IMO it'd be kind of rare.

@stevestreza The reader isn't directly paying that 50 cents per ad though. They can spend 99 cents on a song that they can (and will) listen to repeatedly, forever. I doubt they'll spend 99 cents on an article they'll read one time.

@stevestreza Neat idea, but I think 99 cents for a single article would be too steep for the vast majority of people.

@bigzaphod We finally watched the Christmas special last night, so we'd be ready for the new episode.

@Gargron “Maybe display names should not support custom emojis after all” ...I agree with that. Seems like too many potential problems just to allow some extra cuteness.

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