@stevestreza That's a shame. Seems to be the way of everything now - someone comes up with a service everyone loves, and as soon as it starts getting big, they completely change what everyone loved about it.

@stevestreza Have you written up your thoughts about its unsustainability anywhere? We just started up a Patreon for the Iconfactory, so I’d be interested in what you think the issues are!

@jwisser Dreams with any kind of text always frustrate me - the text is always morphing and changing as I read or write it. It’s actually the one thing that reliably tips me off that I’m having a dream.

The full piece! It's on 42cm square paper and the mandala is 37cm diameter.
Drawn with a variety of fineliners, coloured with Copic and Touch Twin Tip markers and an Edding 780 Paint Marker for the gold, the shading in the greyscale section is Copic warm greys, and a charcoal pencil for the deep drop shadow on the sides. The gemstone is Prismacolor Premier pencils.

For sale! $200 USD for the signed original which includes worldwide shipping. Yell if you want it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots


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Some guy posted a photo he "took" of a moonrise to a Facebook group I'm on, and the moon is obviously Photoshopped in, and it's taking all my willpower not to point that out.

@robert@boardgames.social Yeah, there are a couple of local groups I'm a part of that would be hard to keep up with without Facebook. Instagram... I like a lot less than I used to. My feed there is too much like Facebook-lite now. But I love having my personal photos available - lots of vacation and life memories. Maybe I should port them all over to Pixelfed.

@robert@boardgames.social Seriously considering doing this (though I've considered it before and never followed through).

Finally got to play Ticket To Ride for the first time tonight. It was really fun!

@Gargron I just blew past it when I loaded the site this morning because I thought I'd gotten logged out somehow and it was just some old on-boarding. Kinda wish I'd paid attention to it now!

Happy Sunday! Time to catch up on some freelance work. What's one thing you hope to accomplish today?

@jwisser @bigzaphod Didn't have time or inclination today, unfortunately. Though I am baking sweet potatoes right now, and afterwards I might just heat up all my cast iron pans in the oven and sit them out on the stove for some radiant heat.

Our 1st-floor heater stopped working last night. Temperature downstairs was down to 61F by this morning. It's back up to 69F now after some occasional running of our gas fireplace, and thinking lots of warm thoughts.

Seven and a half inches of snow so far. Still falling. I’m just assuming right now that the kids will be out of school the entire week.

All caught up on Doctor Who, which took me by surprise because I thought we were further behind.

@jwisser It's all fixed now. In an unrelated matter, my son accidentally factory reset the modem while trying to get our unresponsive printer reconnected to the network. After it rebooted and he set the network up again from scratch, everything just works peachy now.

@jwisser It's a valid question, but yeah. It was running. Quit out and relaunched. Stopped and started home sharing. Unplugged and replugged the Apple TV. Tried home sharing from a different laptop. Nothing.

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