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@jwisser Apple TV decided it doesn't want to see the iTunes library on our computer anymore. To be fair, we did just get a new modem router thingy from the phone company a few weeks ago, so I guess it's possible it's some kind of network thing. (Although everything else seems to work fine)

I so miss the days when Apple products used to "just work".

Old enough to remember when Netflix used to have stuff I wanted to watch.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in pajamas all day, right?

Changing things up a bit for today's coffee: Found some kona coffee beans from our trip to Hawaii hiding in the back of the pantry this morning.

Belly is full. Almost time to go fill it some more. Hope all you tooters are having a darn tootin’ good day.

Happy to report I did not keel over and my arm is still attached.

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Going to play Ultimate this morning for the first time since I messed up my shoulder a couple months ago. Hoping I can run more than three feet, and that my arm doesn’t fall off.

The days when no one you actually knew in real life had an "online presence".

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I think I kinda miss the days when you couldn't just go to Facebook and have the Id of all your relatives and friends barfed onto your screen.

If you're planning on not voting because the current Democrats don't lean far enough to the left, remember: the Overton Window moves in small increments, not all at once. Do you think Republicans over the past few decades sat out because their candidates weren't far enough to the right? And look where they are now.

@rheall That is a great hat! Nice job! (I vote NO pom-pom, FWIW.)

That was it! On previous loafs I'd just been kneading the dough in the mixing bowl for a couple of minutes. This time, after mixing it well, I pulled it out of the bowl and kneaded it on the counter for a full 10 minutes. Crumb turned out much more open, soft, and spongey.

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