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RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *shotguns a monster energy drink but i just eat the can*

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i shriek and cry at a harmful decibel level

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my internet personality is the following:
- hates reading
- rabid
- WILL fuck your dad

anyways im a faggot and im gay and one of those two words is a slur and the other is not. can you guess?

so uh here’s the thing. gum has been inactive for a while and we don’t really talk that much because as it turns out they actually killed someone for weed

why the hell does nico have a account what timeline is this

It's okay cowboys don't have phone chargers out on the range

gum got mad at me because i talked about shaving my anus in the seever

i think highschool should be one word. if you disagree with me i think you should be impaled

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