my roommate bought all these oranges and i asked i said why did you buy so many oranges and she said i dont know i dont even particularly like oranges and now she is sick and is at home and i am with these oranges and because i do not particularly like oranges either i am worried that they will spoil and become foul and now i do not know what to do with all of these oranges please help me google search enter

@pistol i thought this was like a joke wtf reid

oh I love those I've been eating that exact brand the whole time I've been sick

you anywhere near the 704? I'll take em if so
in case you don't know the area code for areas near you which I've just realised I don't, 704 is Charlotte NC
if you can't prove you're eating them I'm gonna have to come get them, I need some documentation here, nothing personal, it's just the law
p r o v e i t or the office of requisitions will be forced to requisition then

@pistol @pea u r both cursed cease this conversation immediately

@pea @pistol pulps your prolapse and flattens it into anal papers

Greek orange salad! Different way to eat fruit. And it has a sweet and a savory version.

I was trying to offer some insight on how to use those poor lonely overlooked oranges. And you were complaining about it. To Google. That's sad...

Shame on me for caring for my fellow ape.

Good luck with those oranges and try not to keep fruit in the fridge. It draws the water from it and you end up we tasteless, paper dry fruit, you savage beast...


That will be fruit abuse!

@pistol give them to homeless people. They are a very convenient portable food, and even though people might complain about the litter, their peels biodegrade fairly easily.

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