Wow Steam on Mac is still absolute garbage. I just kinda assumed since Windows had updated its renderer, the Mac version at least once you got past log in would work better. Hahaha nope. Couple this with the way dock menus are glitchy in Big Sur and it’s quite the fun time indeed

One really positive change though is that there is now a new section of settings for apps that use direct touch.. Once you turn it on from the rotor the option will just stay on unless you manually remove it from the new setting.

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On the topic of the bluetooth device type option in the ios beta, it sadly only seems to effect the volume calculation, but no other functionality. So, if you tell it that a speaker pretending to be a headset is in fact a speaker, VoiceOver will still come through it

Just seen on reddit, ios 14.4 in the beta now has an option to change a bluetooth devices reported type. So, if you have a speaker identifying itself to the system as a headset and getting hit with the volume limit, you will be able to get around it.

Meh. In my opinion this feature/loophole is really awesome for blind users. Many apps that were specifically blocked are far more pleasant to use than their desktop or web counterparts.
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Latest macOS Big Sur beta hints Apple may prevent users from sideloading unsupported iOS apps

Lol, Facebook pr desperately trying to make people not leave whatsapp contradicting themselves in the process.
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[Update: Misleading information about location access] WhatsApp highlights how it protects private messages as many migrate to Signal

Remember when they said it wouldn't happen? Hahahaha 😂🤣 those were some good jokes.
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WhatsApp updates its Terms and Privacy Policy to mandate data-sharing with Facebook

story of the early Minecraft (2009) 

Back in 2009, at the dawn of Minecraft, I wrote the first-ever custom Minecraft server software, using a small proxy to reverse-engineer the simple and unencrypted networking format. Before that, there was only creative mode client hacks (noclip, fly, superspeed) and simplistic console wrappers ("if !kick appears in chat, send /kick to the server" kinda crap).

My custom server's initial features included the first custom world generation, anti-cheats (no flying! no superspeed! no standing inside solid blocks!), the ability for server mods to turn invisible (to "spectate" new players), red player names for admins, and the ability to save/load multiple maps on the fly, (hopefully) without disconnecting anyone.

Initially everyone was thrilled and I was heralded as the "Minecraft Hacking God", but when I planned to release the software publicly for free and open-source, the community forum moderator suddenly did a 180 and threatened to ban me, taking issue with the fact that users would be able to program their own minigames before the official survival multiplayer came out.

"You're stealing money from Notch", they claimed, thinking that a quick 'n dirty Counter-Strike style "Zombies" game mode would be somehow equivocal to the premium "official" mobs that would soon follow, which included zombies as a staple, and therefore nobody would have a reason to buy the full version of the game anymore.

So instead of releasing the software for free, publicly, on the Minecraft forums... I just left my email address and told everyone to send me $10 if they want it.

A few people eagerly bought it. They didn't know how to mod it, so they sent it to the first person they encountered who claimed to be able to program. Then those people, perhaps not realizing this was paid software, would run it themselves and also freely give it away to literally anyone who joins their server and asks.

Thus, it spread like wildfire, and I only made like 10 sales total, which I almost entirely re-invested buying the game for myself and a few friends.

This is the event that started the entire modding trend for Minecraft, in general. My original server software was succeeded by a Python script, and then eventually Bukkit.

Later, Notch hired the entire Bukkit dev team to form his "Mojang" company, when he finally decided to stop working as a solo developer. Then he made a cool 2 billion dollars selling the company.

I did the opposite of steal money from Notch. Fuck.

🎆🎇 I'd like to wish everyone a calm, joyful and especially healthy new year! I know that 2020 has been difficult, but I hope the next year will bring a better, brighter future for all of us! |Życze wszystkim dużo spokoju, radości i zdrowia. 2020 był trudny, ale wierze, że 2021 przyniesie nam lepsze czasy!

What surprised me the most though was in the game where you give a speech while presenting a slideshow, you also get to pick pictures and all of those have detailed descriptions. I really hope this trend continues in future @jackboxgames!

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Finally decided to get @jackboxgames party pack 7, and we had an absolute blast. 3 of the 5 games are fully playable and there's some really well-done access improvements, screen readers read any of the more visual parts like when the scoreboards appear.

When you hear your friend got an Android tablet for Christmas. You: "Cool! What version is it running?" Them: "8.1".You: "Cool!" You (internally): "They still sell devices with Android 8? 🤦‍♂️"

If you are posting images, you can make them more accessible by adding a text description for screen readers.

✅ After you've attached an image, click "Edit" on it and write the description. If there is text within the image, you can add it to the description by clicking "Detect Text From Picture", which activates Mastodon's text recognition system. When you're ready, click "Apply".

The text recognition isn't perfect, it may need correcting.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Accessibility #A11y

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The Fediverse has a lot of blind or partially sighted members who use screen readers to listen to posts. Large groups of emoji make life difficult because the reader reads aloud each emoji's text description back to back.

✅ You can make your posts more accessible to blind users' screen readers by only using individual emoji, and avoiding large groups of emoji.

For example 😃 is fine but 😀 😆 :bloblaugh: 😁 👍 😃 😜 🤗 :blobcatcoffee: causes problems.

#FediTip #MastoTip #Accessibility #A11y #Emoji

Hashtags can be difficult for blind people's screen readers, because the reading software may have trouble telling the words apart in the tag.

✅ You can make hashtags screen reader friendly by using "CamelCase", where each word in the tag begins with a capital letter.

For example, #DogsOfMastodon is fine but #dogsofmastodon may cause problems.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y #Hashtags #ScreenReaders

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To all of my followers, if you celebrate it, have a calm, joyful, merry and especially healthy Christmas! If you don't, have a good day and lots of health regardless. I'm sure there are some good times ahead! 💖🎄

So I made a group page: @imagecaptionspls This is for people who have difficulty writing image captions/descriptions for their images. Due to fatigue or lack of spoons or neurodivergencies that make it difficult or many other reasons. If you’re non-disabled or able to help with writing these, it would be awesome if you could follow that page and help out when you see someone tag it needing help with it so their post can be accessible for others too! @disabilitymemes @disability @accessibility

But what got me most of it was the first iPad app I installed and tried out. It was one that was not yet optimized for the Mac, but wow! This beats any Electron app that pretends to be a desktop app but is essentially a blown-up web page, out of the water.

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The biggest highlight of this release for me, and yes I know it's super tiny but much needed IMO: Turning off report dynamic content changes will now also silence ARIA live regions
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NVDA 2020.4Beta1 is now available for testing, including new Chinese Input methods, an update to Liblouis, the elements list now works in focus mode, context sensitive help pressing F1 in NVDA dialogs & heaps more! Read more and download from:…

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