Fuck Juce. Why does it have to be so ubiquitous for making sound related software? It's like Unity for games but worse. Every developer and their mom use it but the Juce devs have made a commitment to not give a fuck about , so anything made with it is completely unusable.

Lmao what a mess! This is how you do Smart homes.

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/Fascinating thread: The light is off. War is over. twitter.com/brockwilbur/status

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This was already a feature for a while, though you could only either do PCM or FM but not both which made it not very useful if you were using it with a screen reader. This though, much more practical. :)

Opened firefox for something and accidentally stumbled into my old bookmarks while looking for an option in the menus. Went to a page that i haven't checked on in a while. And what do you know, VMWare's SB16 emulation can now do both PCM and FM playback! communities.vmware.com/docs/DO

This is awesome lmao

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The captcha and the 'Contact Us' button are perfect 😂😭

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2019 ended here half an hour ago, so I'd like to wish everyone a calm, joyful and happy 2020! |Rok 2019 skończył się pół godziny temu, dlatego życzę wszystkim spokojnego, radosnego roku 2020!

This just begs the question why we even bother. Let's just do the whole website in raw HTML in notepad, it'd safe us so much time! :) @dragon1424@twitter.com

I just spent last week modifying the sh*t out of a hugo template for the @pg13lp@twitter.com site to make it all pretty and have a nice modern audio player. Whenever I see some new game/website pop up I always look at the source from bordem and like 90% of people just code the HTML by hand.

re last; I ment to say I find that discussion in comments interesting. I really feel that Apple feedback app is kinda like talking to air sometimes. It felt like if you were a developer and used the radar system you had a higher chance of being noticed.

Great, not that I care because they haven't bothered to bring the service here. I do find the discussion in the comments on developers using the echo chamber that's the feedback app just like regular beta testers though. I always wanted a dev account just to use the bug reporter.

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Apple News No Longer Supports RSS mjtsai.com/blog/2019/12/26/app

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With Christmas Eve just about wrapping up, I'd like to wish all my followers on Mastodon and Twitter a calm and joyful christmas or whatever else you may be celebrating!

This habbit of checking YT recommendations before sleep is really paying off. Here's another really cool thing if you like yugioh... What if yugi was playing Poker? youtube.com/watch?v=lfMJLmmDBx

YouTube video time again because it just came up in conversation. All you want for christmas is this version of the song. Seriously. youtube.com/watch?v=l3bdZR9wjX

Current YouTube find of the moment thanks to recommendations: Binging this guy who does some really detailed old keyboard reviews. Also his voice is very relaxing. Here's a video in which he goes down the rabbit hole of the VL1 demo song's oregins. youtube.com/watch?v=EZCwrdseXK


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How do Petards Sound in Volumetric Space and Indoors 😄 school gym, concr... youtu.be/tYV316l5tyY via @YouTube@twitter.com

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For context, Retroarch is a very (if not the most) popular cross-platform emulator frontend. So you can just install this, give it some legal disks or ROMS and play just about every system out there.

This is going to be very convenient.

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RetroArch 1.8.2 – Coming Soon – Accessibility features for blind people

Coming soon - RetroArch singlehandedly takes big strides to cater to an underrepresented group of people, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. libretro.com/index.php/retroar youtube.com/watch?v=01-fj4h1L8

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Rambler accuses Nginx developer Igor Sysoev of "stealing" open-source Nginx from them.

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