Looks like the @pinafore update that came out today to patch a security issue also incorporates some improvements to how toots that include media are presented to screen readers which I suggested some time ago. It's not perfect, but finding out if a toot has media and what kind it is is much easier now, so it's very much appreciated! :)

And while I still have media on my mind, here's a friendly reminder that if you post images to your timeline, give them descriptions. Blind people like myself really appreciate them. One really awesome thing about the fediverse is that in my experience most people actually do this, which is just amazing.

@pitermach what's your recommendation for captioning images that are already described by the post's body? (like "look at this cool dog I drew")

@ben I guess this is where you get into the territory of personal preference. The post itself gives a bit of context. For the image description you could put in any other details, IE "A happy-looking black lab with brown eyes" because that's not something you could figure out from the post itself. That way both those who just want to know it's a dog, and those who want more details can just look at the description and get them.

@zudn The option will be in the editing interface when you attach media to your toot. In the official web mastodon client you have to click edit next to the image (at least that's what my screen reader calls the button, it might just be an icon), while on pinafore the description box just pops up right away next to the uploaded image instead of on the edit screen. In mobile clients the feature will also be in a similar place.

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