In my quest for trying all the recording apps that support the new iPhone stereo recording capabilities I just tried and instantly fell in love with Alon MP3 dictaphone. It's one of those apps that is way too configurable for its own good, but this also makes it really powerful. Some highlights: For the stereo recording, you can force it to a specific orientation. You can record up to 32-bit. You can set up categories for your recordings and then move them between them before or after recording.


Alon features I love continued: You can set it up to auto-record at startup, do voice activation recording and turn iOS processing (though this also kills stereo). Finally, to get your data off, you can either use a built-in web server, iCloud, iTunes sharing, various other clouds or my personal favorite, any ftp/WebDav server. This means I can have this thing sync with my selfhosted Cloud, and it even makes folders for the categories I mentioned earlier automatically. This thing is great!

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