Just went back to the original Mastodon site to check something and wow did that make me realise how much I really like Pinafore. It's been a while, but I remember the original mastodon site being more polished with screen readers. AM I misremembering, or did the labels on toots when you arrowed give relative times before? Visually they still do but those labels are absolute. Also, toots with CW's just say the CW text without obvious indication it's a CW. I thought this was also different.

@pitermach Well, depends on how you navigate I suppose.
If you like reading whole toots at once with focus mode, Pinafore is the superior option. Because yeah, Mastodon doesn't quite treat content warnings, image descriptions and such right that way, and it gives whole dates.
But I use browse mode instead, so I can read things more slowly, line by line. The OG Masto works well for that. The timestamps are at the top and in minutes, hours, days and such. Content warnings have a show more button beneath them. Etc.

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