Question for people familiar with Office. Helping someone who just upgraded from Office 2013 to 2019 with JAWS. After the update, paragraph navigation has started to intermitendly lag for about a quarter second or so. Toggling the UIA support in JAWS+V didn't seem to change much

Since it's one of those really non-specific issues that seems to be ungoogleable, anyone have ideas what could be the problem? I would have thought newer office would be quicker thanks to UIA and all that. It's a 2-year old Win 10 computer.

@pitermach This reminds me of the issue I was having when reading a long document and occasionally the entire process would freeze, then resume as if nothing was wrong. Part of the issue for me was the live grammar check. Try and see if the various views help as well, e.g. set the document to print view, it occasionally does.

I wish Office supported #markdown, but this is from someone who's perfectly happy with Emacs or vim, lol.

@erion @pitermach I think Writage or whatever still works, basically gives Word Markdown support, but you do have to buy a license. So yeah, Emacs definitely outshines that.

@devinprater @pitermach I'm good. Happy with Ulysses/Bear/NVault/FlashNote/Scrivener, haha. Oh I forgot Pages. Emacs is impossible to beat in the end though.
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