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When you're reading a project's documentation, finally get to the part you're looking for, and ...

So, because I do care about making the world around me slightly more accessible, and because this is the best solution we've found so far, I'll have to install Google Chrome and and reconcile myself to everything I say being sent to Google, which I've so far attempted to avoid.
This is what most proponents of #Privacy miss, as well as most people promoting #OpenSource, #FreeSoftware, #FOSS, #FLOSS, -- whatever the hecking heck you want it called.
Privacy and accessibility rarely mix. Open source and accessibility rarely mix.
That's why my friends who do bother to mess around with #Linux and #Orca post so many rants about most desktop environments not being accessible. That's why #Apple gets constant praise for #VoiceOver, where as all the solutions on #Android lag behind.
I wish I could just ... go back to not caring.

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I suggested that we should have #LiveCaptions on the stream I'm on, Sword and Quill. The solution we arrived on was WebCaptioner.com, since there's multiple people on the stream and WebCaptioner would separate them. So far so good.
But that service uses Web Speech API. And only #Google #Chrome has that API. Even other Chromium browsers, like #Brave, do not, as seen in this issue:
Basically, there's two reasons why Brave doesn't have this. 1. Because they would have to pay for the right to use that API, and it is quite expensive. And 2. Because what this API does is send the audio to GOOGLE'S SERVERS where a transcript is created.
@accessibility #Accessibility #A11y

Whoever is responsible for fediverse.network has either made a hilarious typo or a hilarious pun as the main page displays an error: "timeout/bad gateway — fediverse.notwork."

@erion I totally see what you mean. Though in this case there are actually 2 prrizes, one awarded by the judges, and a smaller audience prize which is what this is counting toward. The whole likes thing makes a bit more sense in that context

Yo, @guilevi2000 needs our help in getting as many likes as he can under this video to win a contest. Also he's just an exceptional player and really awesome friend. RT's/boosts appreciated! youtube.com/watch?v=33G3VwHrnL

Since it's one of those really non-specific issues that seems to be ungoogleable, anyone have ideas what could be the problem? I would have thought newer office would be quicker thanks to UIA and all that. It's a 2-year old Win 10 computer.

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Question for people familiar with Office. Helping someone who just upgraded from Office 2013 to 2019 with JAWS. After the update, paragraph navigation has started to intermitendly lag for about a quarter second or so. Toggling the UIA support in JAWS+V didn't seem to change much

Just read this interesting article essentially talking about how the audio industry, specifically podcasting, should stop relying on ProTools so much at least in context of looking for new talent because it's complicated, overpriced and alternatives exist. theverge.com/2021/1/22/2224260

Aaaaand the Bond movie was pushed back again. To November. This is starting to be the duke Nukem forever of movies

Reaper 6.20 just came out and it includes a bunch of really useful changes. My favorite is you can now assign a key to start loop segment scrubbing from the keyboard. So, if you preferred to edit like in SoundForge or Studio Recorder where you hear the audio looping, you can.

Wow Steam on Mac is still absolute garbage. I just kinda assumed since Windows had updated its renderer, the Mac version at least once you got past log in would work better. Hahaha nope. Couple this with the way dock menus are glitchy in Big Sur and it’s quite the fun time indeed

One really positive change though is that there is now a new section of settings for apps that use direct touch.. Once you turn it on from the rotor the option will just stay on unless you manually remove it from the new setting.

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On the topic of the bluetooth device type option in the ios beta, it sadly only seems to effect the volume calculation, but no other functionality. So, if you tell it that a speaker pretending to be a headset is in fact a speaker, VoiceOver will still come through it

Just seen on reddit, ios 14.4 in the beta now has an option to change a bluetooth devices reported type. So, if you have a speaker identifying itself to the system as a headset and getting hit with the volume limit, you will be able to get around it.

Meh. In my opinion this feature/loophole is really awesome for blind users. Many apps that were specifically blocked are far more pleasant to use than their desktop or web counterparts.
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Latest macOS Big Sur beta hints Apple may prevent users from sideloading unsupported iOS apps idownloadblog.com/2021/01/13/m

Lol, Facebook pr desperately trying to make people not leave whatsapp contradicting themselves in the process.
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[Update: Misleading information about location access] WhatsApp highlights how it protects private messages as many migrate to Signal xda-developers.com/whatsapp-hi

Remember when they said it wouldn't happen? Hahahaha 😂🤣 those were some good jokes.
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WhatsApp updates its Terms and Privacy Policy to mandate data-sharing with Facebook xda-developers.com/whatsapp-up

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