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...and maybe it could even be separate from hash-tags. Much like the CW, let me (optionally) set a topic or two on each post.

Make topics behave like a sub-feed of each user, that can I follow or block explicitly.

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...and while we're at it:

I think following only specific hash-tags of a user would also be nice.

I can't be the only one?

That would also mean people probably start using hash-tags in a sensible way again (I would hope) and would bring a whole new semantic level to the content here.

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I often find content warnings a bit excessive and - as a reader - a cumbersome user experience.

But I also understand that people want and need more control over what they get to see and read, on a more granular level.

I wish people could block or unsubscribe from specific hash-tags, so I could use them as a "softer" warning.

That, is way too cool
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So, here I am, innocently working on a podcast. I wasn't happy with the expander I was using, so I changed a parameter. Then, for some reason, this happened. And, by the way, this used to be @ricky_enger, but you'd never know it.

why do programmers prefer dark mode 

because light attracts bugs

Yeah so... If anyone was hoping for indivisible accessibility so much for that. I can't say I'm surprised that's how it ended though, it's more or less what I expected after the first messages about Mike.
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Indivisible development stops after Lab Zero fallout:

I hate when companies do stupid shit like this. Spotify updated their terms forbidding apps from using their API from transfering libraries into competing services, probably to make it less likely for people to try to switch away. Monopolistic much?.

I'm legitimately curious just how good this actually is. If you play guitar you should test this.
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Free guitar plugin on GitHub sounds like $600 tube amp by using deep learning

Anyone else seeing a change in the mobile version of Google where search results seem to have no separation what so ever? They used to be headings. Now there's nothing. Who thought this was a good idea?

We learned from the pandemic. We knew what we needed stockpiles of, whether due to actual or perceived shortages. We developed mitigations.
And new products.
A way to can your scent, to send those who miss you. Recordings of touches and hugs.
We won't run out of essentials again.

Alon features I love continued: You can set it up to auto-record at startup, do voice activation recording and turn iOS processing (though this also kills stereo). Finally, to get your data off, you can either use a built-in web server, iCloud, iTunes sharing, various other clouds or my personal favorite, any ftp/WebDav server. This means I can have this thing sync with my selfhosted Cloud, and it even makes folders for the categories I mentioned earlier automatically. This thing is great!

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In my quest for trying all the recording apps that support the new iPhone stereo recording capabilities I just tried and instantly fell in love with Alon MP3 dictaphone. It's one of those apps that is way too configurable for its own good, but this also makes it really powerful. Some highlights: For the stereo recording, you can force it to a specific orientation. You can record up to 32-bit. You can set up categories for your recordings and then move them between them before or after recording.

Oh, one more thing ( pun not intended ). Voiceover not reading the total track time on the lock screen is not a bug. Those controls got redesigned and its gone for sighted people too. The Internet has a love hate relationship with the visual changes.

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In all seriousness though yeah, this beta is soooo much better.

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iOS 14.2 Beta 2 seems to have made a rather massive improvement to performance. The default language lag is gone but it just feels more responsive in general. But also, someone misspelled the pitch slider as ptich. This can't stand. Would anyone sign a petition to fix this?

Are you in a lot of WhatsApp groups where people send long voice messages and you want to speed them up? Turns out there's a chrome extension for that for WhatsApp web! It'll add a speed button below the message field. May need a click to work.

There's some Irony to how big corporations are absolutely terrible at handling accessibility. Not all of them and not all the time but... Twitch firing their accessibility lead during GAConf and Google killing community captions during deaf awareness week? Can't make this shit up

This is an interesting read. Apparently, the accessibility problems and complexity of Gutenberg was quite a contributing factor to this.
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On not choosing WordPress for the W3C redesign project

Hills seem bad.
People complain about the struggle of going up hill.
It is also considered bad when things "go down hill"
And hills are places on which people choose to die.

Avoid hills, just go around.

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