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Same for social media. Who remembers things like YouView or the combined social media feed in the windows 8 people app. Before someone answers me with the typical arguments - bots are a problem, everyone wants control over the layout and where and how many ads they push at you...

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On that note, this really got me feeling nostalgic for the days when all these sites were more open and had API's, how I could just use Miranda or Adium to do all my instant messaging and all that. Now my phone has 8 apps in the messaging folder, 7 of which I use regularly...

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Yay amazon. On that note, if you've been using Goodreads to post what you're reading on your socials, as a lot of my followers seem to be doing, that's going away too. If you were logging in via Twitter go and set a goodreads password. Or just leave. I'm thinking about that.
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Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys

Sorry, character limit meant I had to be pretty brief there. I did tried the clapping plugin myself before buying these, every important parameter can be automated and you play it with midi. Probably gonna be very useful for both music and sound design.

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Just found out about an upcoming series of plugins that simulate clapping, finger snaps and stomps. Clapping plugin is already out and an absolute joy to play. On pre-order sale for $20 down from $80 for all 3.

My discovery of the day: The Spotify web player has gotten really, really amazing accessibility, to the point it's waaay better than the desktop app. Menus and lists that you can just arrow through, tons of hotkeys (press ? for a list), it's really pleasant to use!

Toot! v1.15 is out!

This is mostly an accessibility and bugfix update, with accessibility improvements mainly on the posting, photo library and toot screens. But there is one small fun feature: You can now share a toot as an image, to make it easier to share toots on other social networks or messaging apps.

@Mastodon "Return to treating all toots the same instead of trying to retrofit direct visibility into an instant messaging model"
Does this mean the Direct Messages tab is going away, with all those conversations only being in the (generally already cluttered) Home TL? Because to me, that seems like a downgrade, not an update ...

Just went back to the original Mastodon site to check something and wow did that make me realise how much I really like Pinafore. It's been a while, but I remember the original mastodon site being more polished with screen readers. AM I misremembering, or did the labels on toots when you arrowed give relative times before? Visually they still do but those labels are absolute. Also, toots with CW's just say the CW text without obvious indication it's a CW. I thought this was also different.

This is a really cool article especially for those who've never used an Amiga (which is probably most of my followers and myself). Some of these, like the argument prompting would come in hella useful even today.
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Little Things That Made Amiga Great –

Y.T.'s mom pulls up the new memo, checks the time, and starts reading it. The estimated reading time is 15.62 minutes. Later, when Marietta does her end-of-day statistical roundup, sitting in her private office at 9:00 P.M., she will see the name of each employee and next to it, the amount of time spent reading this memo, and her reaction, based on the time spent, will go something like this:

Less than 10 min.: Time for an employee conference and possible attitude counseling.

10-14 min.: Keep an eye on this employee; may be developing slipshod attitude.

14-15.61 min.: Employee is an efficient worker, may sometimes miss important details.

Exactly 15.62 min.: Smartass. Needs attitude counseling.

15.63-16 min.: Asswipe. Not to be trusted.

16-18 min.: Employee is a methodical worker, may sometimes get hung up on minor details.

More than 18 min.: Check the security videotape, see just what this employee was up to (e.g., possible unauthorized restroom break).

Y.T.'s mom decides to spend between fourteen and fifteen minutes reading the memo. It's better for younger workers to spend too long, to show that they're careful, not cocky. It's better for older workers to go a little fast, to show good management potential. She's pushing forty. She scans through the memo, hitting the Page Down button at reasonably regular intervals, occasionally paging back up to pretend to reread some earlier section. The computer is going to notice all this. It approves of rereading. It's a small thing, but over a decade or so this stuff really shows up on your work-habits summary.

--Neal Stephenson, /Snowcrash/

I like the layout, hopefully people will gravitate to this to expand the app directory, Android definitely needs something like this
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Classified: Introducing your premier 1 stop shop for Android Accessibility

Nooo people of fucking are you fugging serious? Why would you choose to make your place more borring like that? 😭😭

`"GET /.env HTTP/1.1" 404 4030 "-" "Mozlila/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SM-G892A Bulid/NRD90M; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/60.0.3112.107 Moblie Safari/537.36" `
was this written by a dyslexic person, because I can't see any benefit for a malicious script to typo the ...

Someone made an android 11 rom for the galaxy s4 mini. From 2013. And even back then it was quite an underpowered phone. What? Wow
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* Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Value Edition
* Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (Exynos)
* Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE
* Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
* Redmi 1S
* Redmi S2/Y2
* Mi 3/Mi 4
* Mi 6X
* Mi 9 SE
* Mi Note 3
* Mi Note 10 Lite

the rest of the story didn’t load for a bit and i was like ‘wow! i respect how succinct this is’

I love how keyboard shortcuts in web apps are so inconsistent. Usually, J and K move through things. L, on Reddit and Mastodon opens any links contained in a post. On Twitter and Facebook it's a Like. Wanna bet how many times I liked a tweet by accident? Way too many.

We have to do a project this year, for our final exam. As a theme, our group chose the advertising and sale of #Music in the internet age. None of us are musicians, but we do care about supporting them (or well, at least I do), so I think we made a good choice.
This won't be a big thing, mind you. It's just for school, not a published scientific paper or anything.
Still, if you know any good resources, I'd be happy to check them out. Comparisons between sales on different services vs CDs? Surveys of customers? Articles detailing why Spotify is bad? All are welcome.
And if not, I'd be very glad if you gave this a boost, too. Thank you!

Origins of the youtube-dl project 

"As you may know, as of the time this text is being written youtube-dl’s repository at GitHub is blocked due to a DMCA takedown letter received by GitHub on behalf of the RIAA. While I cannot comment on the current maintainers' plans or ongoing discussions, in light of the claims made in that letter I thought it would be valuable to put in writing the first years of youtube-dl as the project creator and initial maintainer."

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