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Peter N. M. Hansteen

ICYMI, the PF and networking tutorial at @asiabsdcon 2018 slides are no online at - labs closing, sorry. Next scheduled session (with labs) is at @bsdcan 2018 in June, Ping me or @stucchimax if you have needs.

The AsiaBSDCon 2018 PF and networking with OpenBSD tutorial is in progress, slides are live too at

The birdsite has now turned the unavoidable ads content to almost 100% Japanese, just a few hours after I flew in for AsiaBSDCon. I kinda hope it stays that way after I go back.

The list of accepted talks for @BSDCan 2018 has been announced: full schedule to follow soon.

with slides mostly done I should be starting to pack for the trip to Tokyo for @asiabsdcon - see you there?

"So this is your third attempt. I was going to waste your time by just ignoring this one like the previous ones, but for your own sake, please go play with something else.

I frankly do not see any reasonable reading of my material that would lead a sane person to think that I'd want to have anything to do with promoting Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange.

That said, actually reading my stuff might turn out to do you some good. Try it some time."

If you follow me you know my blog.

's mitigation for Intel has been backported to -stable for 6.2 and 6.1 branches. Errata and syspatch soon to follow.

and of course this from the same bot:

Feb 21 06:18:08 skapet sshd[76291]: Failed password for invalid user /* from port 44716 ssh2

Say what?

Feb 21 04:58:52 skapet sshd[62028]: Failed password for invalid user } from port 40174 ssh2

I'm almost at a loss for words:

Feb 20 13:30:15 skapet sshd[61048]: Failed password for invalid user n/a from port 34902 ssh2

Kids, this is what happens when you have your bots feed each other garbage.

There will be a and networking with tutorial at this year's @BSDCan. Details to follow soon, see you in Ottawa in June!

We are forced to conclude that correctly configuring a mail service is beyond some corporations, see "A Life Lesson in Mishandling SMTP Sender Verification", updated tonight (TL;DR: not fixed yet)

Remember the thing about abuse team not actually being available to non-customers? My writeup "A Life Lesson in Mishandling SMTP Sender Verification" has the description and data: