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Peter N. M. Hansteen

The slides from the just completed BSDCan "PF and networking" tutorial are up at - a slight refresh from previous versions. Enjoy!

With only minutes to go before starting the and with tutorial, I finally remembered the username convention for the labs.

I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
But we use the metric system here
So in kilometers that's 804

An interesting question turns up via email, but my answer bounces in the exact way described in this article: - it appears that snakeoil is still considered a vitally important ingredient in Rube Goldberg 'antispam' contraptions.

New to @bsdcan?

Newcomers session, 6 PM, Thursday 7 June, DMS 1140. Come get the road map! Learn about bikesheds, important events, and what's with the goat?

Old to BSDCan? Show up to help orient newcomers.

"Absolute #FreeBSD 3rd ed" is now in early access. Buy now, get early version of the PDF now, then final print & ebook when done. - code ILUVMICHAEL gets you 30% off and me a couple extra bucks. #af3e

Just registered for @BSDCan 2018. See you all (or quite a few of you?) in Ottawa in June!

If you haven't done so already, go to and check the program, then register while the online option is still open.

It appears that my spamtraps have entered a canon of sorts. On our freshly configured imapd, this happened. Login attemps to spamtrap IDs, earning of course only a place in the permanent blocks (as described in

So happy to hear that somebody appreciates root@$mymailserver's writing - but I would prefer they go read what is actually about.

p2k18 Hackathon report: Marc Espie (espie@) on pkg_* and packages progress

p2k18 Hackathon report: Solene Rapenne (solene@) on joining the project, packages progress

This somehow made it to my inbox - spam of course but with some real translation gems - as text with headers here, graphic preserved at

I take log entries like

Apr 23 12:27:16 skapet sshd[55094]: Failed password for invalid user from port 38760 ssh2

as evidence that the "salting the mine, poisoning the well" (as outlined in project is succeeding.

I suppose it takes a special kind of weird to be truly happy to see pop3 gropers auto-LART themselves by trying to read noreply's mail. This from last year explains it all, and it's still happening. Nothing to add, I'm just happy to see the setup works.

Don't worry, that was not a creative explosion happening over at

Only me making bad formatting of old posts slightly less awful. But do come read anyway :)

While looking for something else in my webserver logs I notice that there are several hosts that try to fetch the hourly traplist dumps but via http and ignoring the redirect to https. Both sites (bsdly and nuug) now force https, update your setups!

Looking at the SSH bruteforcers (password guesssing) by country data so far this month it looks like RU has overtaken CN for the first time in a while. Is this a trend? Anybody else looking at this angle, I would like to hear from you!