Aside from the practical side of actually following a mail alias around town, wouldn't this be sufficient grounds for having authorities in the relevant jurisdiction seize the wallet? That's 1EKSwPaxLkYPaQGzZ7QZXybwJ42jrshfXu up for grabs, guys.

n2k18 Hackathon report: Ken Westerback (krw@) on disklabel(8) work, dhclient(8) progress

Badness, Enumerated by Robots - yours truly on badness data generated by my silicon pals almost without human intervention

[Sat Aug 11 13:25:24] peter@greyhame:~$ grep GENERIC /var/run/dmesg.boot
OpenBSD 6.4-beta (GENERIC.MP) #198: Sat Aug 11 00:40:38 MDT 2018

That is, snapshots are now 6.4-beta.

I was going to say it's that time of the year again but it's actually all the time, every year: The OpenBSD Foundation 2018 fundraising campaign is in full swing, and I would like to ask anyone who uses OpenBSD or byproducts such as OpenSSH (who doesn't these days) to chip in.

Better yet, get your boss to whip out that corporate card and contribute some significant sum.

Please go to and do the right thing.

g2k18 hackathon report: Ingo Schwarze on sed(1) bugfixing with Martijn van Duren, and about other small userland stuff

g2k18 hackathon report: Kenneth Westerback on dhcpd(8) fixes, disklabel(8) refactoring and more

g2k18 Hackathon Report: Klemens Nanni on improvements to route(8), pfctl(8), and mount(2)

g2k18 hackathon report: Florian Obser on rtadvd(8) -> rad(8) progress (actually, rewrite)

The latest @Humble bundle from @nostarch is still rolling along - this is your chance to get good geek summer reading (including my own The Book of PF and @mwlauthor's Absolute OpenBSD) - and support @eff's work for us all.

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