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Peter N. M. Hansteen @pitrh

@mike I love this one so far, and I liked the predecessor from the same source a lot too.

This one has a nice aluminum chassis and is essentially noiseless so far.

More bang for the buck than thinkpads but no option for trackpoint-ish pointer device -- the only downside I see.

OpenBSD and the modern laptop - in which I OpenBSDize a 13.3inch, 1.5kg i7 kaby lake-equipped 32GB+2.5TB laptop and love it

The thing that made the questions address at the end of the BSDCan PF tutorial slides not work has been fixed.

Please resend if you got a definite bounce, otherwise we will read and respond when your message arrives.

Slides for the just concluded @bsdcan tutorial and (w/ only a subset of the lame jokes)

Freshly discovered pet hate: Apps that claim to resume file transfers but actually restart them. Bonus for reaching 98.7% before doing just that.

For those who care about email, my 2012 piece "In The Name Of Sane Email: Setting Up OpenBSD's spamd(8) With Secondary MXes In Play - A Full Recipe" has been slightly modernized. Enjoy! (yes, )

The actual presentation for our tutorial at @bsdcan is inching closer to being ready for prime time. (now with working url, thanks @kurtm)

@lattera tcpdump on the pflog device should give you which rules blocked or passed at least.

But I'll be at BSDCan, so if needed we can sit down there and try to dissect.

@lattera I may be missing something (getting late here in CEST land) but try rules that deal specifically with passing and if necessary rdr for ssh.

also route-to is a bit scary because it depends on the endpoint having a sensible answer (route).

Anyway, the way forward is to add log (all) to relevant rules, get friendly with tcupdump :).

BTW does freebsd have log(matches) yet? would be ideal here on selected rules.

RE previous, the good old version is still at but the new one will be more compact, nicer looking and at least as much fun. And more international, of course.

The actual presentation for our tutorial @bsdcan is inching closer to being ready for prime time.

heh. looks like my old rant on "Why not use port knocking?" is getting some attention again, somewhere. Enjoy those Unicode passwords, all!

Just got to love it when one connection yields two new spamtraps, from a sender that tries to pose as the receiving domain: May 13 07:14:14 skapet spamd[39041]: new entry from <> to <>, helo

In case you missed it - the "OpenBSD and you - How to have fund with the world's most important free software project" presentation has been updated with 6.1 and past info.

(This might even be worth ever so briefly turning JavaScript back on in your browser for)

The "OpenBSD and you - how to have fun with the world's most important free software project is now updated with 6.1 (and newer) info.