At @bsdcan, the "Network Management with the OpenBSD PF toolset" session has started, slides at (@stucchimax and I alternating)

Possibly in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, this morning somebot in .cn tried delivering mail to new imaginary friend Jesus Mao:
Apr 17 06:08:51 skapet spamd[32133]: new entry from <> to <>, helo

If you're interested in spam filtering, it is likely instructive to take a peek at the archive of google's failures to classify my greytrapping reports correctly - the reason I started cc'ing to my gmail account no longer applies, so no new entries will be forthcoming. is my mail and misc other stuff service, which to a large subset of the world looks like a honeypot.

The schedule for BSDCan 2019 is now available at, registrations will start soon. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Ottawa in May!

Aha. My main source of *useless* DMARC reports (while the list of imaginary friends at has been growing at an unprecedented rate recently) actually base their own SPF info on PTRs so their *own* records actually do not resolve. Happy weekend, everyone.

The EuroBSDCon 2019 call for papers is open, see the full text at and use the links therein to submit (until May 26, 2019) and/or gather useful information.

The call for papers and presentations for @eurobsdcon 2019 (September 19-22 2019 in Lillehammer, Norway) is open. Please submit your talk or tutorial proposal through the registration system at See you in Lillehammer!

ok, somebody's getting desperate:

Jan 25 00:50:53 skapet sshd[47253]: Failed password for invalid user lost+found from port 52691 ssh2

Jan 20 21:02:05 skapet sshd[40305]: Failed password for invalid user ibsen from port 52070 ssh2

And it's possible you don't have to be Norwegian to feel a little bad about making that a spamtrap.

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