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This year's edition of EuroBSDCon has been cancelled. We are aiming to be back with a new edition in 2021 in Vienna, likely September

Things are returning to normal. The bots with username and passwords columns switched around are back:

Apr 19 12:50:47 skapet sshd[52705]: Failed password for invalid user HHaannjewygbwerybv from port 19714 ssh2

Wow. I just had a new comment on my 2012 article "Why Not Use Port Knocking", essentially saying "YOU'RE WRONG!!!". Oh, the effort they put in.

I take this as early warning .cn is worse off than announced, possibly early second wave of :
Apr 2 20:53:32 skapet sshd[93041]: Failed password for root from port 40720 ssh2
Apr 2 21:00:21 skapet sshd[20932]: Failed password for invalid user 0 from port 40443 ssh2
Apr 2 22:39:58 skapet sshd[25200]: Failed password for root from port 52060 ssh2

hint: several thousand attempts would have been expeced

Possibly related, there were no new usernames turning up from ssh password guessers during the first 11 days of this month. Now we've gone 2 days without new made up email return addresses turning up. That's all from this little weird corner of the Internet.

I hear colleagues worrying about spamvertized based scams appearing. But I'm not seeing them so far. In fact there has been no noticeable upware change in the number of entries in any of the badness lists we maintain (see for a condensed summary).

My logs indicate that China is recovering from . The ssh password guessers are coming back and making up new imaginary friends again after a hiatus of surprisingly many days.

The @eurobsdcon 2020 call for papers and presentations is open - submit before May 24th, 2020 and join us in Vienna in September!

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