The overnight haul of new user names attempted for ssh logins looks a lot like somebot switched the usenames and password columns around. Probably what passes for innovation in those parts of the world.

The EuroBSDCon 2019 PF tutorial just concluded (on to lunch now), here are the slides:

Registration for @eurobsdcon 2019 at Lillehammer September 19-22 is still open. See Some tutorials are full up, the social event is not! See you in Lillehammer!

Just so you know, snapshots are now 6.6-beta-
[Sat Aug 10 22:36:12] peter@greyhame:~$ dmesg | grep GENERIC
OpenBSD 6.6-beta (GENERIC.MP) #195: Sat Aug 10 12:02:06 MDT 2019

For reasons known only to @gmail and other @google attached mail services, @gmail is now consistently tagging mail as spam. I would appreciate help in bringing this to the appropriate persons' attention. Some background:

Another one for the bot blooper reel:

Aug 3 19:24:37 skapet sshd[12292]: Failed password for invalid user from port 58682 ssh2

From the birdsite. Neede sharing, the embedding thing is, well, subpar.

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