Following this commit (the DRM 5.10 update), a simple sysupgrade was all that was needed for the machine from to just work with the latest snapshot. Thanks again to jsg@ and all developers!

The Impending Doom of Your Operating System Going to or Past 11, Versus the Lush Oasis of Open Source Systems TL;DR: , specifically is good for you, also featuring bit players , , , ,

I think somebody is having a suboptimal Monday. Clicking the link in an ad that turned up in my facebook feed, I am taken to a "403 forbidden" served up by nginx.

I submit, yet another bot whose herders switched the usernames and the passwords around and hilarity ensued
on the internet

Discovering that two high profile Windows security offerings can not co-exist on the same system because they both depend on (and supply, writing to a system directory of course) a library that's officially abandonware and whose authors recommend strongly against using due to non-mitigatable exploitability.

How is your morning going?

The main lesson learned today was, even in the face of corrupt firmware files, behaves fairly sanely. With a few other things to sort before midnight there was no way do the writeup right away, but now it is possible to finish it.

If you're quite quick about it, you can make the 2021-05-26 submissions deadline for 2021, all-online this year.

Check out our CFP at, click onwards to the submission+registration site.

See you online and hopefully in person next year!

Do you want to see other BSD heads online, talk about what you have done since last time?

Submit to EuroBSDCon CFP until May 26th and prepare for the September 16-19 online event

For the second time in a week I have been contacted about removals from the traplist for addresses that are not currently in it (and in one case no trace in the last two years). So I added a sentence to the Summing up part at

The 2021 conference will be an online event, September 16-19, 2021. We are still inviting your submissions until May 26, see and links therein.

I was reminded, forgot and then remembered again that the 20th anniversary of our implementation flew by without anybody noticing. Here's my piece from the 10th anniversary:

Are you aware what you lose by just clicking OK to get started using something? e (English version of previous)

Vet du hva du mister når du bare klikker OK for å komme i gang med å bruke noe? - /me om basale rettigheter som står i fare i en digital verden, og litt fremtidshåp.

It's in. Thanks to kettenis@ for making my life (and likely other Asus users') easier!

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