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Peter N. M. Hansteen

And one might note that with the Kaby Lake support in the latest snapshot, this machine no longer needs an xorg.conf

The Hacking Reloaded Humble book bundle is live - includes The Book of PF, 3rd ed!

RETGUARD, the OpenBSD next level in exploit mitigation, is about to debut

t2k17 Hackathon Report: Bob Beck on buffer cache tweaks, libressl and pledge progress

The rules that passwords need to be unreadable, hard to remember and must be changed every few weeks were in fact bullshit all along, says the guy who came up with them in the first place:

OpenBSD and the modern laptop - in which I OpenBSDize a 13.3inch, 1.5kg i7 kaby lake-equipped 32GB+2.5TB laptop and love it

The thing that made the questions address at the end of the BSDCan PF tutorial slides not work has been fixed.

Please resend if you got a definite bounce, otherwise we will read and respond when your message arrives.

Slides for the just concluded @bsdcan tutorial and (w/ only a subset of the lame jokes)