I'm so excited to join the amateur radio community and am currently studying hard for my FCC Technician Class License: arrl.org/getting-your-technici.

Is it worth trying to get my General License in the same go?

@pixelatedfist yes! Upgrading to General *really* expands what you're able to do. The Technician's license really sticks you in the VHF/UHF sandbox.

@pixelatedfist There's plenty to do and explore as a Tech. It's great to get that. But if you really wanna "work the world", General will allow you to do that with modes other than CW.

If you're good at tests, go for it.

If you want to use the HF bands for more than just morse code, definitely yes.

I've met people who just went straight for Extra. You pay less fees this way and get a cooler callsign.

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