It took us a while to realize how important mobile web and mobile apps are for Pixelfed users.

We are working hard to improve your Pixelfed experience on the web and mobile apps!


Speaking of what’s important for Pixelfed users… I’ll be a Pixelfed person soon, do you plan to support short videos (10 seconds or up to 1 minute) in the future? Is it on the roadmap?

@pixeldev @carolinagiorno você usa o Pixelfed? Achei a versão web móvel bem crua ainda. (Aliás, tem algum app legal?)

@ghedin @pixeldev desculpa a demora pra responder. eu to querendo começar a usar porque usava MUITO o instagram. Só vou terminar de fazer minha mudança!

@pixeldev @badrihippo Is there any progress on a mobile app (not a web wrapper)?

@pixeldev It's funny how people want a closed web now. I personally hope you never nerf your website like Instagram has. Some of us don't use mobile apps at all.

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