@StriderOrg @pixelfed concept: preserving original images and using something like instagram.css to apply filters

probably wouldn't federate to other AP software cleanly, but eh. it might still be possible to generate separate copies for federation, and make filters editable / nondestructive so you can change them later

@trwnh @StriderOrg We will preserve the original image and save a filtered copy that can be cached by browsers. The original is used for applying a different filter/updating the image.

@pixelfed @StriderOrg extremely good to know! I'm loving the way this implementation is going :)

@trwnh @pixelfed
Indeed, very good to know. That's a good implementation.

@pixelfed make sure you have on option to strip exif data (on by default)

@spudboy Exif data is stripped by default (an its not optional), I am working on a feature to allow users to geo-tag an image since all exif data is stripped after resizing/optimization.

@StriderOrg They won't be ready quite yet, but its on the roadmap!

@pixelfed So glad @pollomostro boosted this! I've been yearning for a desktop-friendly Instagram replacement!

This totally made my day. Eagerly looking forward to start using this as soon as it's available. Wishing you all the best! :-)

@pixelfed The name sounds like the feds are now coming for our pixels!

Congratulations!! And thanks you for all your work!!

Plus, great name 👍

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