I would like some feedback and ideas for the type of moderation and admin tools you'd like to see in PixelFed. Both from a user and instance admin perspective.

Please reply to this status!

@pixelfed There should be a "report image" button... just for easy use to tell an admin "please look at this, I think it's hurtfull/illegal"


Off the top of my head... As an admin, I'd like to be able to:

- keep user's posts from local and / or federated feed

- keep user's posts from federating (restrict them to local only, for users who obey my rules but cause grief for other instances)

- temporarily block a user from posting

- lock user's account (and prevent them from deleting their content)

- force enable auto-CW for a user

- prevent a user from commenting (but not from posting)

- list users who share an IP

@SunDancer @pixelfed
I second this. But also for illegal reposts of photography/art. In those cases with the possibility for the reporting user to provide a link to the original piece.

And maybe, from the admins point of view, the possibility to see how often it was reported


From a Mod perspective, it'd be nice to have a moderation desk that prompts for moderation comments before taking any step.

This way, if it's a team and it's the 2nd, etc. offense of the same reported user, any admin/mod would be able to see what action was taken in the past, in order to help them to be coherent in their moderation.

As a user, I'd love a report button that lets me a reason (examples: Harassment, Stuff that is illegal in France, UnCW'ed Porn...) + add a comment.

@pixelfed every time you want to flag/report a post, you have to review a different one. Also a section to optionally review flagged posts.

@pixelfed a gallery program I use has a really nice overlay on images in the admin view, with one click buttons to turn the NWS flag on/off, delete or hide the image.

Allows pre-emptively looking at a user or new uploads and just flipping a few toggles to tidy things up.

@pixelfed A "report" flag is certainly a good idea. However, the idea of Pixelfed is indeed a "Federated Image Sharing". So content can be illegal on one instance but legal on another. I'm not sure how this can be done.
I don't like the idea of censorship by an admin. Maybe there would be a way to hide an image (in the timeline, for example) if several users have flaged it. But if I want to see the picture anyway, then I can click a button and get it displayed.

@pixelfed Additional Note: I would rely more on "self-regulation" by the user, rather than regulation by mods / admins. A delete, if necessary blocking of user by Mods / Admin should be the very last option.

@noar @pixelfed a NSFW tag that behaves like it does on Mastodon would suffice. Instagram has a on/off button for sound for the video clips people post, why not adopt the same tech but for a CW/NSFW purpose?

what do you think of the following ideas:
- Add selected photos to an album
- watermark (?)
- edit the description of the photo after upload
- # hashtags

@pixelfed mute/hide/block user from the options on the right if you don’t like what you see?

@pixelfed it will be complicated to moderate if it gets a big success...

But I'm thinking about creative commons license indicators on each profile or picture.

I think paternity of artistic creations is important for a lot of people. It would be interesting for the member who posts a picture to confirm that the picture is made by him/her and if it's not, to specify who is the creator. (1/2)

@pixelfed Maybe it could be also interesting that members abc could "flag" members xyz who check yes ("i'm the father of this drawing/photo") when it's false and that abc could input who is the original author, specifically when copyright/paternity is a wish by the true creators... ? (2/2)

Thank you for your feedback! I will be going through each reply and using this to build out the mod/admin tools!

@pixelfed Agree with:
- cc license indicators on each profile or picture.
- edit the description of the photo after upload.
- hashtags.
- NSFW filter similar to Instagram on/off button for sound.
- to include links on the description of the photo.
- filter high/low of the pictures quality in the public timeline.
- maximums image sizes for square, vertical and horizontal images.
- photo activity on each photo. Not who saw it but how many (similar Twitter)

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