If you missed out on registration, please fill out this form and your accounts will be registered before registrations open tomorrow! The backup username is used in case your desired username is registered already.

@pixelfed Google doc, seriously ? I would rather not provide my future credentials to Google :p

@Linuxine You can wait until registration re-opens in 20~ hours!

The google form is not a requirement!

@pixelfed @Linuxine oki, thanks, will do ! But it was just to tell you, imo most users on Mastodon would prefer something else than Google form ;)

@Linuxine I agree, it was the fastest method of collecting user signups while registration was closed. It was either this or hope they can register within the 1 hour window, without having to spend time working on an alpha-only feature!

@pixelfed your registration slot is not ideal for my CET-Zone as it is early early in the morning... @Linuxine

Please in the future refrain from using tools that works and save you time. Thanks.

@pixelfed couldn't you use a more privacy-respecting Google Forms replacement? Like Limesurvey or Framaforms?

@pixelfed Good! I already worried that I was forgotten😁

@pixelfed Could you pls. provide an update of your announced invite mails for pre-registered accounts.

@pixelfed will folks who didn't get to the form in time still have a chance to register tomorrow? (i didn't get to the form in time)

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