The logo contest is now closed, and the winning logo has been chosen. Thank you to all the participants!

More information here:

@pixelfed The new logo looks great! Kudos to the winner of the contest. I saw a lot of other great designs too though. So many people did a great job ^_^

arf RIP pixelfed to me 😱

A logo is the main entry and should be representative of your product !!

your have too many colors, and it's not your color scheme for the website, so why ? :thaenkin:

plus, having too many little elements isn't great for a logo...

and what mean Pixelfed when you see this logo ?

yes, but what that logo tell you something about pixelfed ?

awesome logos tell you a story about the name and the type of what you'll find behind him.

The logo is a P as PixelFed and draws a camera focus. The colors are the visible light spectrum as the "photo" in photography

You might not like the logo but it actually makes sense and is representative to PixelFed.

Plus the website can still adopt the color scheme now the logo is settled :)

@jared @pixelfed
and when I saw your avatar, I know why your like it (colors) 😉

that P is more a bubble message, and the camera focus is far from that, it's like flower petals here.

My avatar is for pride month i don't need every logo to use all of rainbow colors.

Anyway a website doesn't have to use EVERY color of its logo. (see
But it can. Here and there. Not all at the same place. Or use them as gradients.

Just because you don't see the P doesn't mean it's not there. + the speech bubble is axtually releveant (reference to the fediverse ?)

@daycode @pixelfed
For the flower part i see it too. But once again how does it make the design poor ? It's still a figurative focus. Even if it's also a flower...

@daycode @pixelfed
Anyway i'm pretty sure of one thing : a logo doesn't have to be litteral to be good. Quite the opposite even.

@daycode As @jared noted, the "P" in the logo also looking like a speech bubble is relevant to the social aspect of PixelFed, while the logo being reflective of both a camera shutter and a flower is relevant to the visual and image aspect. Sure the designer @marrkus would be happy to talk through his thought process developing the logo.

@daycode @jared @marrkus And of course not every colour from the logo has to be used in the site colour scheme, and there is precedent for rainbow coloured logos (Google, Picasa, MSNBC, for example). The designer did provide variations of the logo though to suit different contexts, see the original submission

@daycode Personally I really love the logo and think it perfectly reflects what Pixelfed is. Hopefully it'll grow on you :)

@daycode @pixelfed That is actually not true... many use a logo with a play of their name. Usually the first letter.

Facebook, Google, Paypal e.t.c....

A good logo is easy to spot and original. I think the new one does that. It is of a good quality. The "p" could perhaps have been a bit better... but overall it is great looking.

@daycode @pixelfed Logos don't need to tell a story a the time, but rather be recognizable. For example, the GNOME foot gives me no info on GNOME's past, but I recognize it.

@brainblasted @pixelfed
Gnome isn't a good logo too, soo...

You recognize it because it's simple, but if it's simple and tell something, it's usually a great logo 😉

an example, using it's color scheme, simple, easy in mind far from pixelfed one 😉

Congrats @marrkus! Great to see so many people participating in the contest. The new logo looks great!

@pixelfed The logo looks like an Apple ripoff. You can do better.

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